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Q1SP - Askisi Gamma - Requires Copper
Hello! This is my first independent release, and second ever released Quake map. It's a smallish-medium, brick, indoors map.

Normal difficulty has the same enemy placement as hard, but with more health and ammo; recommended if you find yourself low on resources in hard, but want the same amount of "content".

Easy difficulty has different enemy placement from hard, but with the same amount of health and ammo; recommended for a "less intense" experience.



• the two buttons to lower the bars worked fairly well in terms of presentation (press a button, half the bars go down, realize there must be another button), but it would have been better if the second button had a view of the bars to see the effect of pressing it, (e.g. through a narrow window or something.) If you can't directly see the effect of a button, the second best thing to do is print text that tells you what it did (e.g. "the gate has been lowered" or something.)

• the gameplay space is very flat, the entire first floor is one single plane, and the second floor is a second plane. Varying this up from room to room would be good, e.g. by having the player go up or down a few steps along the way. Even within a room having part of the "bottom floor" be a bit lower or higher than other parts would help.

• button operated doors should print a message if you touch it, vaguely implying what needs to be done to open it.

• i liked the staggered teleports after getting the gold key, i don't remember seeing that before

• architecture and room layouts got more interesting in the second half of the level.

• bug report: the tarbaby that spawned in a hole, it was trapped in there and i had to shoot down into it to kill it. Also if the player falls in here they will have to noclip out

• bug report: in the SNG room, seems like a vore was supposed to spawn but he was trapped under the floor -- quakespasm 0.93.2, playing on normal skill

• i like the little fallen bricks you placed on the ground below each arrow plaque that guides players to the key doors.

• only found one secret (yellow armor after gold key)

keep mapping! 
Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

I think I was being too minimalist in communication, which resulted in too many assumptions about how the player would think or act. Before reaching out for testers, I didn't even have arrows! Everything seems obvious in one's own map, so that first-time feedback is very critical.

Regarding the bugs - that's an unfortunate side-effect of shoving monsters around with doors/lifts with narrowly timed triggers. I liked the idea of monsters coming from a _place_ rather than suddenly existing from _nowhere_, but I was probably being too clever for my own good. 
I agree with everything @metlslime said. A couple of really fun fights, where you easily could get infighting going, which always is entertaining. I think the lighting was rather flat, especially in the first part. Would look more dramatic with more thoughtful lighting.

Also, one of my pet peeves: It's eerily silent if you play with music off. Just some odd water sounds (odd because there was no water that I could see) and the sound of some broken lights. I think the soundscape is very important for immersion and a sense of place.

But fun map with nice, minimalistic design, some cool fights and ideas. 
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