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Q1SP: We Got Bored Lol
we got bored so we made some 2 hour speedmaps
it's using a custom Copper-based mod, don't mix it w/ id1 unless you have a thirst for the durst
mappers are snaut, mazu, void, greenwood, markie and fairweather
pack put together/organized by fairweather
thanks to Lunaran for Copper

Alt Download
Now I know y'all be lov'in this shit right here 
I streamed almost the whole mapping process for this one for people to see. Had a lot of fun streaming w/ markie, snaut, mazu n so on in the chat. Good times and some good maps for 2hrs. 
Nice to see the return of the old school 1-2 hour time limit for speedmaps. 
Fun pack! Kind of hard to comprehend how it's possible to create Mazu's, Markie's and fw's maps in such short time span. 
Can We Get A Preview Picture Please? 
Pictures, posters, previews... come on. 
Here you go:
people in the house put them hands in the air 
takes like 10 whole minutes to play it from start to finish, but here's another screenshot anyways
also, i'll have you know I pack a chainsaw 
Fun Stuff 
But where were the other 300 monsters in Mazu's map?

Markie's and Mazu's were my favorites although I liked all the others really. I got a LOL at the ending.

Now get back to work on DWELL.

..hey. Ive lurked here for over 1000 years, never posted anything. This limp bizkit theme has my sides splitting. 
Glad you enjoyed it, we had fun putting it together. We've had dump LB in-jokes for a while, and this was probably the most productive thing to come from that lmao 
...the levels were challenging and the ending was faf. To all the creators, we are very appreciative. 
I was bored at the weekend and thought I'd play the 6 maps. For a speed map that was limited to a time of 2 hours, some really good maps came out. I liked 3 maps very much. And apart from a few bugs, the package was quite stable.

I will also provide you with the videos for the 6 maps. Everything was 100% solved.

[We Got Bored Lol]( "Title") 
Sorry The Link Was Incorrect! 
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