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Blue Monday Jam! Deadline Jan 17th
According to top scientists, the third Monday of January is the most depressing day of the year. What better remedy there is other than killing hundreds of monsters in exotic environments?


Theme: Blue maps. Does this mean blue textured maps? Regular maps with strong blue lighting? Void maps with a blue skybox? Maps with thick blue fog? All of the above combined? You decide!

Mod: Quoth 2.2, with various recolored assets (TBD).


Textures: Anything goes. Specifically blue wads will be posted soon.

Deadline: I want to release this on January 18th so please submit your maps, either here or somehow otherwise, before then please.
Full respects if you want to take this one off - I understand that there are highly stressful external events that may not make this the best time to be productive. 
Good, finally a mod i know of. I will see if i can make something short.

with various recolored assets (TBD).

What does this mean? Will the maps be modified with a palette or something like the greyscale pack years ago? and whats TBD? 
To Be Determined... 
In This Instance 
There won't be a palette change, but there will be some mild skin recolors of some assets - not 100% sure yet which, and if Kell permits it. 
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