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Q1SP DevKit Progs_dump Version 2
progs_dump allows mappers to make hundreds of amazing Quake mods with no coding required. It features an in-depth 95 page PDF manual.

After 11 months of development, progs_dump version 2 is available. Designed for beginner and intermediate mappers, this devkit allows a massive amount of customization, quality-of-life additions and opens up new game-play possibilities requiring zero coding. Assembled from old Quake mods, tutorials and some brand new and unique QuakeC, "pd_" allows mappers to do things John Romero had wanted in the original Quake! Here's a video that covers some of the new (and older) features.

Download progs_dump v200

from Quaketastic
from Drive

Monster Customization:

Add custom sounds, skins, models, health, damage, names, obituaries and much more without any coding required. This includes customizing monsters’ heads, gibs and projectiles. Grunts, Enforcers and Ogres have multiple new attack options and we’ve added killable, gibbable versions of the original Quake bosses as well. Rotfish will gib now. No other Quake mod allows this amount of customization in such a user-friendly way.

Quality-of-Life Features:

Trigger spawned monsters, continuous monster spawning and random monster spawning. Respawn items and suspend them in mid-air. Add custom backpack pickups, drag and drop gore decorations and create visual effects like explosions and lightning effects. Custom models, sprites and sound effects. Multiple targets and targetnames, dormant triggers, enhanced platforms and more.

Unique new features like trigger_look, sight_trigger, pain_target, Doom style door behaviors and item_key_custom.

Mission pack additions like custom gravity triggers, rotating entities, candles and elevators.

Enhanced teleporters with random destinations, monster only options, changeable destinations and more.

Popular requests like ladders, cutscenes and breakables are included. In fact, there are two styles of breakable. An “easy” method and a completely “custom” method.

Collisions for most objects are disabled in noclip making testing and reviewing your level a bit easier.

Bug fixes

Traditional fixes to the Shambler’s collision during combat, the Rotfish “kill count” bug, door unlock sounds and many more “under-the-hood” code fixes. This includes fixes to the mission packs QuakeC as well.
nice explanation video

I like the emphasis on expanding what mappers can do without writing quakec, since I think that is a big roadblock for a lot of people who want to do simple tweaks, especially to enemies.

Question: in terms of custom models for enemies, is it just that mappers choose from a list of provided models, or does it accept any model even a new one that you didn't include in the mod? 
Thanks Metlslime 
There's a lot of Rubicon 2 in progs_dump!

The mod is intentionally light, 40Mb for the entire download and 2Mb for the, so I only added a few assets. So it's a simple model swap with compatible models per entity. 
Here's the manual for anyone interested in a preview. 
A new age of Quake mapping upon us. Can't wait to play the myriad of mods made with this. 
New Video 
After a newer mapper had some issues with installation I decide to do a walk-thru of installation, setting up progs_dump in TrenchBroom, using the file, a look at the various FGDs for the mod and a bit of compiling setup as well. These are all areas new mappers get hung up on. 
Just read through the PDF file; there’s some really nice mapper’s tools here. I’d like to use it at some point. 
I hope you get a chance to play around. It's not AD but there are a lot of other aspects that are fun. 
What about moving liquids? I want to make my water volume a func_door, so I can drain a room, for example. 
Also Congrats 
for the release and thank you for documentation. 
Not yet, sorry. The only version of that I know of is from extras_r5 and it's still very janky. 
New Video And Plug-in Monsters 
Make a Quad Grunt in progs_dump 2.

Video is still processing as I post this but should be live within an hour.

Here are links to the first two plug-in monsters for progs_dump:

The Quad Grunt

The Hellrath 
Found An Error In The Quad Grunt Zip 
I'm No Mapper, 
but I think the puzzle speedmaps included are a cool way to show the mod capabilities ! I was intrigued by the P-Cube return. I have some gameplay ideas that could easily be implemented with these tools... 
New Version Coming 
I haven't posted progs_dump news in a while. Here's some of the new stuff coming in the next version. Hope to have a code complete "release candidate" within a few weeks and a full release by the end of March.

Finally a state system (!), some really nice misc_model animation features. There are commits made by others that are nearly a year old I am just reviewing so they aren't in the log below.

* Fixed QSS crash in mobot.qc (paavohuhtala)
* Fixed syntax error in Enforcer.qc (paavohuhtala)
* Added in-fighting modes to monsters (ILike80sRock)
* Added breakable spawnflags to func_fall2 (whirledtsar)
* Added explosive projectiles to HellKnight (ILike80sRock)
* Renamed potentially offensive file name (progs.src, spawn.qc)
* Fixed Voreballs not homing in func_monster_spawner Shalraths
* Added trigger_changetarget (ILike80sRock)
* Added Wait for retrigger spawnflag to trigger_multiple (ILike80sRock)
* Added style 4 to Ogre - shoots lavaballs (JaycieErysdren)
* Quake Info Pool fixes:
* Fixed armor affected by drowning damage
* Added gravity, solidity, back-and-forth, only once and play count
spawnflags to misc_model (Inky, bmFbr)
* Added trigger/toggle animations to misc_model using target_setstate (bmFbr)
* Added info_intermissiontext for custom intermission messages (ILike80sRock)
* Added skip_id1_overrides worldspawn key to disable hardcoded map features
like intermissions and E1M8 gravity (ILike80sRock)
* Added PASSIVE_ALWAYS and PASSIVE_UNTIL_ATTACKED spawnflags to monsters
* Added Looping spawnflag to play_sound_triggered which causes triggered, looping sounds to restart after a save (bmFbr)
* Added Turret Mode spawnflag for Grunts, Enforcers, Ogres, Ogre Marksmen, Hellknight, Shalrath, Shamblers and Zombies. (dumptruck_ds, ILike80sRock)
* Fixed armor taking damage with Pentagram of Protection (johnfitz)
* Added custom sound keys and new options for func_new_plat (Alkaline)
* Made Zombies partially z-aware in Turret Mode
* Removed "in wall" dprint on monster with I_AM_TURRET spawnflag
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