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(Unofficial) Shrak V2.1 Patch
NightFright has released an unofficial patch for Shrak:

After digging deep into QuakeC and de-/recompiling processes, here is the result of my restauration efforts for the "Shrak" TC by Quantum Axcess. The goal was to get rid of all the smaller and bigger annoyances you may encounter while playing through the levels in order to achieve a gameplay experience as it was (probably) intended. Source files are included. (Special thanks to the guys over at the Func_Msgboard who were patient with me while I was trying to figure out how to fix that cursed utility vest and its tricky ammo counters.)

Download (1.4 MB)

[NEW] Enemy hitpoints reduced by 33% when playing on "Easy"
[NEW] Added names for first and last level
[NEW] Secret level now with an intro message (like the other levels)
[NEW] Small quake.rc file to automatically load the new start map
[FIX] Two map showstoppers fixed
[FIX] Bugged ammo/tool counters fixed
[FIX] Bugs with ingame messages fixed
[FIX] Plutonium keys rotate now (as they should)

- Source port with external .ENT file support (e.g. Quakespasm, Mark V)
- Shrak v2.0 (pak0.pak and pak1.pak present)

- Extract pak2.pak and quake.rc into your "Shrak" directory
- Launch "Shrak" as usual

QuakeOne thread
There's Also Source Code: 
Comes with documentation about applied changes:
Download (183 KB) 
I failed at my own messageboard.

actual link: 
This Is Really Sweet! 
Does this include the lost TeamShambler levels? Really impressive for their day. 
It's just the source for the original TC. I never heard or read anything about any "lost" levels for Shrak. If there are any, they would probably work with this, too, though (unless they also came with their own modified progs.dat). 
Beat me to it, damn you. Congrats NightFright! 
It's a reference to some guy who recentlyloaded up TeamShambler's custom map from 2018 "Age of No Penis Mapper" and claimed it was a lost level from Shrak, like it was cut out because of sexually suggestive content.

The best part is that after it was pointed out, he went and did it again! 
Spectacular maps indeed!

I'm still wondering. I thought entities or monsters had not have the ability for transparents. How did they make Gorok covering up transparent?
It has the pinky color thread on it. 
Patch 2.11 Released 
It was brought to my attention that the game crashes when cycling through weapons too quickly (even works in the start map when you just have one weapon). This is a bug that already existed in the original version. I found a way to stop it from happening.

Download Shrak patch v2.11 (1.4 MB)
Download updated source (0.2 MB) 
Never Really Played Shrak But... 
how feasible would this be for Malice? It's a great mod but honestly I think it could be improved quite a bit (like re-introducing armour for one thing) 
Already Done 
There is already a custom patch for Malice.
You can get a full release that includes the unofficial 1.13 patch over at ModDB
Version 2.12 Released 
This is hopefully the final release. There were a few issues and inconsistencies that were worth addressing.

Shrak patch v2.12 (1.4 MB)
Shrak v2.12 source (0.2 MB)

- Enemy HP reduction on "Easy" undone
- Eliminated weapon switch delay/crashes (HUD flashing removed)
- Restored Friend Maker particle field
- Corrected position of placed Double Shotgun
- Intro text shown/music played when choosing "New Game"
- Added name/music for ctf1.bsp 
Small Oopsie 
Forgot to include a small correction for a story text after leaving "Death Glow" (dglow).

Shrak patch v2.12a (1.4 MB)
Shrak v2.12a source (0.2 MB) 
Version 2.13 Released 
There were a few more issues that I wanted to address before calling it a day. Please see the QuakeOne forum post for a complete changelog.

Shrak patch v2.13 (1.4 MB)
Shrak v2.13 source (0.2 MB) 
Version 2.14 Released 
Found and fixed one more bug, but a big one - monsters did not chase you if they lost you out of their line of sight. Amazing what effect it can have if you put a "true" instead of "false" in the code...

Shrak patch v2.14 (1.6 MB)
Shrak v2.14 source (0.2 MB) 
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