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Blue Monday Jam (Re)Released!
14 15 brand new Q1SPs to celebrate what is allegedly the most depressing day of the year! (Two days ago, not the Biden inauguration)


This pack requires Quoth version 2.2!

Here's a few select screenshots:

Demos and comments welcome!

Thanks Metl! 
Error On Zigi's Map? 
I presume it's user error since nobody else has said anything but I get this:

"Call 1 368
Defs.qc precache_sound
Plats.qc func_train
(no function)
Bad String
Host error
Program error"

The map doesn't load. I'm using QSS and loading Quoth through Simple Quake Launcher. 
You're using the wrong version of Quoth.

Please try this one: 
More Like Purple Wednesday 
It would appear you're using the wrong Quoth version - the levels were made for Quoth 2.2, not Quoth 1.

For some reason, all func_train entities in zigi's map have their sounds fields set to -1. In id1 this would print a bunch of warning messages, in Quoth2 it does nothing, but in old Quoth it crashes to the console. 
Thanks folks. I knew it was user error. 
(i updated the top post to specify "version 2.2") 
The trains have their sound set to -1 because "sounds 0 : none" had the normal sound and I wanted them to be silent 
I think I just played the perfect Quake map. Celestine Cistern by gnemeth. 
Gg Gnemeth 
It is truly fantastic. 
Gnemeth Review 
Masterful. This is Quake. One of the best maps I've played in a long time. Flawless layout, impeccable secrets, excellent lighting, oldschool details, felt like playing through Contract Revoked...I don't know of many or maybe any maps that capture that feeling so well but you did it. 
Blue Reviews... 
Greenwood: Nice layout. Hey this is 1024 isn't it haha. Cool blue torch. The end ambush I didn't trigger until after I hit all the buttons and was able to exit without having to kill them. Liked all the jumping though the jump to get to the silver key button was non-obvious.

DragonsForLunch: Love the gold! Fantastic traps. Good overall visuals. Really liked the mood and layout here. Lots of good details with crates (floating at an angle!) and boards and such. 2 monsters didn't spawn on skill 1.

Myki Nice: design and lovely details especially past windows or with the slot canyons above the ceiling holes. Loved the Quad secret. Got stuck on some bits and the water path in the basement area was awkward. Some of the elevators should have been textured differently. Would have been nice to have the door that lowers to the basement waterfall area activated by a button but was a nice trap I suppose. Non-obvious however because of the texturing.

otp: cool start map, loved the death note for the molten cobalt. Nice blue take on the End, subverted as the Start.

FifthElephant: Lovely design. Missed opportunity to have a secret under the waterfalls at the end, would have been really useful. End fight seemed a tad too hard for normal skill 1. Could have used a health pack or two at the end. Great overall. Would have been nice to trap the player in at the silver key room. Liked the scorpion underwater, nice! But the dang water almost killed me when I first swam the first section, I spent too much time exploring and expected air soon. Could have used one air pocket in the middle, maybe blocked it on hard or something.

Skorly and alex_mmc: lovely oldschool design overall. Nice and blocky and chunky. Liked the thematic progression, felt like a mini-episode. The gameplay felt very id1 oldschool as well which I loved, felt straight out of the 90's which is great! Had to get stuck on the bars so the plat would lower all the way at the end. Need the "low trigger" spawnflag set.

ish: lovely spaceship! Whoa, cool "getting too hot" moment, loved it! Ran from the fiends to get safety in the stairwell...crushed by the crates instantly. Liked the crate puzzle. Nice Japanese spacebase, lot of fun in the sequences. Didn't like how the thing that was secretly by the spaceship threw me off the ledge with no shortcut back up, I'm not doing that crate puzzle again. Didn't like how the end just ended...somehow.

quasiotter: different as always. Wow. I think I'm more depressed now. Nice venus magictrap. I dreamed a quake map...then I made it, and that is what my map is in this pack here so ya...that's all I got. There's 13min I'll never get back.

zigi: That was AWESOME!!! What's bluer than nonstop quadaction! Great! Loved the overall void design. Would have liked a little more variety in enemies but otherwise just plain fun.

ChrisHolden: Beautiful. Ugly. Love it. The atmosphere, mood, music, skybox, lighting, all picture perfect and alien. Secrets were a bit odd. The rocket launcher one felt tacked on. Respawning ammo boxes was excessive. You matched the skybox perfectly with the spikes and shapes.

bmFbr: Very well built. Liked all the secrets but couldn't find the 2nd button to open the quad secret. Good layout, liked the gug fight. Liked how you used the memory of e1m2 to hint towards a secret.

Mista Heita: Oooh goody, I love coagula. Classic runic style too! Great secrets. Short sweet and well built. Liked the gold key drop. The limited weapons made the gug fight quite interesting.

Pinchy: Great design, layout, aesthetic. Lackluster gameplay...ran around with 1 health most of the time and way too many enemies with minimal cover. Those scourge scorpions were unbelievably good shots. Loved the boxes, different colored alcoves, schematics, etc. Nice cold base feel. There was one area off to the side that I couldn't access for some reason. Exit was unexpected.

Shadesmaster: Short but well made, lovely multicolored aesthetic. Maybe a little more purple than blue. Liked the key choices but that they were a choice of which order rather than exclusive choice. I accidentally opened the first door but then actually got to pick the next one. Really liked the caged death guards and the scragged cages. And the caged vores. Nice secrets. 
As I said before, there are no duds on this jam. You can see the amount of work and skill put on each and every map, even with so little time to develop them. Congrats to you all.

I made a map by map short review, with a score to each. Try to not take that too seriously, it was just to note which ones I liked the most. But as I said, there are no bad maps here.

A fun little level. I liked the overall architecture, those huge round arches look great. And the fights were quite good.

Really nice visuals, many tubes! Simple but efficient layout, short and sweet. I found some of the encounters a bit punishing but still fun.

The mix of themes was a bit jarring at first but each area is very well done. I didn't like some of the surprise void falls in dark corners, but that's just a minor thing. All in all, short and fun.

Snow! Loved the theme/texture set, this one isn't used very often. Gorgeous open spaces and huge areas, good exploration, I like that. My only (albeit personal) nitpick is with enemy selection. I'm not a huge fan of hypnotic's scorpion, and I think the blue-blaster enforcer is meant to be used more sparingly, as his shots are VERY powerful and it can be a bit tiring (and health draining) when he appears so frequently. But I understand that it's because of the jam theme, so I let that one pass.

Well, what to say about quasi's lovely blue museum? As with your other maps, it's like seeing thru a window into a small part of your crazy psique. It was actually fun hearing the ramblings about blue stuff hahah Definitely unlike anything we've seen in the Quake community, as always.

You somehow managed to create a tight void level. Just loved it, perfect balance. Looks really good. The gug fight at the end was fun too.

Wow. Just wow. Look at those things. No wonder your map is at the Jam cover pic. As I said earlier, it reminds me a lot of Xen from Half Life, both in looks and feeling (and that's not a bad thing). I guess a theme like this one has never been tried before in Quake. The only problem is that combat was a little lacking, but I understand that you've put a bigger focus on visuals, design and mood, and it really paid off. Would love to see a larger level based on this concept.

Was curious to see this one when I saw the WIP screens. I loved the huge underground cave environment, misterious, obscure, ominous. Amazing layout with good use of vertical spaces, and really nice fights, perfectly balanced. And a reasonably lengthy level, even with the short time to develop.

One of the best in the pack, if not the best. It has everything a good map should have. Nice mood, architecture, details, amazingly complex layout, memorable fights, various secrets, all in a lengthy level, and done in so little time. Parabéns meu caro.

I should say that the map name is very fitting. There's nothing more satisfying than doing an insane quad run gibbing enemies with your shotguns while a heavy metal tune blasts through your ears. Fun factor up to eleven. And as if it weren't enough, the looks are crazy good too, those neon floating platforms are really amazing. Top notch.

Really funny one, I actually laughed out loud in some places. The moving cargoes mindlessly crushing everything, the "this is too hot", the jumping gug out of nowhere. Plus the encounters are good. A map where the plasma gun is your primary weapon is always good in my book. The japanese cyberpunk-ish theme is nice. Also that spaceship looks REALLY cool.

You can't go wrong with Makkon's textures (well actually you can, as they require some skill), and your map looks really beautiful on those. The attention to details is remarkable. Treasure boxes spilling gold, wooden fences, boxes floating on the water, wood boards laying around. Some memorable areas and fights, the trap when you first see the gold key, the crumbling floor, the obligatory gug, the fight at the end, among other things. Very good map overall.

Tight, fun little map. It's 1024 isn't it? I liked that. Nice, intricate layout. Good fights and good design, the ikblue set worked very well here. Nice!

A colorful, pretty, and almost "happy" looking map, as it's usual with your last creations, but somehow still fitting the blue theme. Really nice. Simple and short but fun layout. I only think you could've made a better use of the flashlight.

So that's all for this jam. It was a blast mapping with you guys =] 
Azure Ash Fortress 
Currently in the "Azure Ash Fortress" on Easy, killed everything in the room unlocked with the gold key. 69/73 kills, nothing happens, gate on upper level remains locked. Anything I am missing here? 
^Same here. I just ran through it again to confirm. 
Came here to ask a quick question about whether ish's map was supposed to end so abruptly. I guess so, judging from Qmaster's post? Very very cool map up until then, although I agree that getting thrown in that particular way that makes you redo a platforming section (that goes on a bit too long) is annoying.

But yeah, lovely details in this environment, in a different sense than the usual way that detail is lavished on texture trims and brick geometry. 
Now Available On Quaddicted 
Thanks Guys 
This map pack was fun. And it was great to play a new Quoth jam (I feared those were being made "nevermore.")

I was definitely NOT expecting to die in that blue lake in the middle of the start map, hehe. My favorites are probably "Tears & Gold" and "Blue Bricks and Dark Skies." I also quite liked "Icemecha Dojo," it's nicely different from your typical base map. The blue/magenta blend in "The Color Burns" makes me think of bump-map textures. 
Skorly And Alex_mmc's Map (Raped) 
I could not open the silver key door after picking up the silver eyekey and had to noclip through the door. I was playing on skill 3.
I was watching Korenya's VOD on Twitch and he had the exact same issue. He was also playing on skill 3 iirc. Has anyone else had this problem? 
Bm_myki Bug With Skill 0 Explained 
I have located the exact problem in the exit room fight of "Azure Ash Fortress" (bm_myki).

The second wave (finalwave2) is supposed to spawn only 3 enemies on Easy, otherwise 5. Third wave (finalwave3) should spawn 2 on Easy, otherwise 3, and the last wave (finalwave4) spawns 2 on Easy, otherwise 4. The counters for the triggers are wrong on Easy starting with the second wave, defaulting to 5 (finalwave3ct), 3 (finalwave4ct) and 4 (exitshieldct).

This means that the triggers are only using the mob counts for skill 1 or higher. If you play on skill 0, you cannot reach the counter limit since not enough monsters are spawned.

Hope this helps with the fix. 
Played On Stream

I have linked to pretty much at the point I start (1h 26mins into the stream)

I will stream the rest tomorrow and upload vods to youtube 

1:26:47 is where I start the blue jam 
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