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SM211: Moving Parts
Speedmap pack 211 "Moving parts" is out!

Organized by Naitelveni and featuring 7 maps made in around 2 days, by Bloodworks, bmFbr, Cunnah, Greenwood, Naitelveni, quasiotter, and zigi.

The pack uses Copper (included in the zip).


Saw this pack and had to play it straight away! Some fun stuff.

I *loved* bmFbr's map. There's a bait-and-switch in there that's just *chef's kiss*

Also a gorgeous map by Naitelveni.

Here are some skill 1 demoes with comments during the playthrough: 
Every map was a blast! But my favorite was Cunnah's, great gameplay, visuals, and pretty lenghty for a speedmap.

Congrats everyone! 
Played The Full Thing On Stream

Vod will be on youtube later 
VOD Is Up 
Bmgbr's map is good.
Cunnah's map is okay.
Naitelveni's map is HOLYSH~
Quasiotter finally made something actually playable. congrats?
Zigi's hard, but doable on nightmare. 
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