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Progs_dump Cutscene Test/machinima
This map is basically meant to test out the cutscene features in progs_dump and also try my hand at a machinima.

If you are going to play this, be sure to have the music turned on and audible.

To install this you just have to extract the contents of the zip into a separte folder in your quake directory and play the map of the same name as the zip.

Anyway here is the link
I forgot to say that the music in the file is in mp3 format so it might not play on some engine. Gonna try to fix that now 
Fixed Version 
Okay now this version includes a ogg version of the music. 
Okay One Last Thing 
Something I noticed with other engines that smooth out the camera movement is that it goes slightly faster than usual leading to some parts not working properly. I suggest you use a quakespasm or a variant of it so it works properly, mostly because thats what I used to test the map 
Very nice. Even with janky camera movement I enjoyed it. 
Unironically the best Quake release in years. 
I haven't had the chance to try this out but anything regarding Machinima and Quake is always worth a thumbs up.

I'm looking forward to trying it out this evening. 
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