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The Quake Ironman League - The Parallel Worlds
In the spirit of the DWIronman League, the Quake Ironman League has participants play a provided map, episode or mod blind to see who can survive the longest! Rules are at the bottom of the post. This month you all will be dying to...

The Parallel Worlds, a single-bsp episode by Digs. Utilizing skill settings and runes, Digs created an episode that can be played in a single BSP, and automatically ramps up in difficulty as it goes on. It starts off cruisy, and quickly builds into a slaughterfest perfect for competition. Being among the shorter multi-map sets suitable, this should work as a taste for what's to come. Tough maps, stiff competition and fun for all!

Difficulty: N/A (Map utilizes the skill setting for gameplay)
Mod: Vanilla Quake
Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.
Commands: The command "record qil1_playername digs04" will begin your attempt.

- To compete, you must play the given map/mod/mapset once on the given difficulty setting and record a demo of your playthrough to submit to this thread.
- Playthroughs must be blind. You are not permitted to practice or otherwise study the map before attempts are made.
- Demo files must be compatible with Quakespasm Spiked source port. (Protocol 15, 666, or FTE999)
- No cheat codes or other gameplay hacks may be used.
- No mods or files other than those provided may be used.
- If the recording of your run is interrupted due to technical difficulties, you are not permitted a second attempt. Any surviving recording may be submitted.
- You do not have to play the secret levels in order to register a complete run. However, a player who finishes the run having completed more secret levels than their competitors will rank higher than them.
Neat. What's the ranking criteria? 
The ranking is purely based on how far you survive. That's objectively based on map, and then subjectively based on speed, completion, ect when there's a tie to be broken. I might solidify a system in the future, but anything that I cook up could probably be exploited. Let's just say for now Map# > Speed > Kills/Secrets. With Map#/Finishing trumping all. 
Surely kills are more important than speed? If one person dies immediately in a map and another plays it for a few minutes before dying, the "speedier" one is the one who dies first, right?

I'd say main maps finished > secret maps finished > kills > secrets > speed, but idk if you want to rank speed higher to discourage excessive caution. 
I'm curious about the "blind" qualification. Does this mean you are disqualified if you've played the level at any point in the past?

I haven't in this case so I'll give it a go either way, but I'm curious for future competitions since I've played so many Quake maps. 
My understanding is that it will disqualify you, yes. Nothing to stop you recording a demo and posting it anyway, just don't expect to get ranked. 
I'm willing to pass this onto the people, really. If you think your playthrough will be 'blind' enough, then you can participate. It should mean you have a hard time recalling specific elements of the map that would give you a substantial unfair advantage.

Maybe I could make a separate "Prepared" ranking like Doomworld does? I assume the Quake community would have a lot less players who don't know the maps, what do y'all think? 
Actually, Reconsidering R.e. Speed... 
It makes sense to consider it high up, but if you count only time taken for the completed maps. 
I have defo played this map before but cant remember much of it, probably sit this one out 
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