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New Q1SP: The Slipgate Labs
I worked for some weeks on a Quake map, it was tested by PalmliX, a friend of mine. Description: The Ranger finds a slipgate and goes into it, on the other end the monsters are preparing to meet him with every weapon they have.

Download (version 3):

I recorded demo using AD and only later realized it wont be playable without the mod. But if you want blind run:

Progression was clean. Though in final room I didn't notice environment changing while fighting and didn't realize that place was level exit.
Give player some time to check the room before fight starts or delay exit opening if you want them to notice a change.

If a door requires a key to open it is better to add some kind of markers/hints with corresponding textures.

I would suggest to avoid paper-thin walls/floor unless it's absolutely necessary.

Overall it was fun. I can see you are trying some crazy ideas there. Keep it up.

Oh, and you might want to check
this - tells how to release a map. 
New Version (converted From A News Thread Submission) 
Posted by Roby Kalilla on 2021/02/03 20:06:30

This is a new version, I made some improvements.
Last Version 
Updated the top post with new download link and screenshots. 
Version 4 
Thanks to a friend I found a game breaking bug, I fixed it as soon as I could.

Version 5 
I made a lot of changes, added a lot of details.

Previews, Please! 
If you made lots of changes, show us some picts... 
New Version 
Played It On The Quake Grave

I think you already saw my video, but figured I would post my thoughts anyway.

This is your first map I assume and the concept behind it is cool. I like to idea of a lab that experiments with slipgates. I did like the sections where you'd bounce through several slipgates and end up somewhere but I think the map could've experimented more with this idea and went further with it.

The flow of the level could've used some work as well. While you don't expect anyone's first map to be spectacular (god knows mine isn't) this one could've been fleshed out a bit more in terms of enemy encounters and overall room design.

I know you've released a couple maps already but for your next map, I would focus on a theme or idea and work on it for a little bit. Have other mappers test it, see if your idea works and if it doesn't, find out how to make it work. And most important of all, get those bugs and issues out of there.

I know it's exciting to work on a Quake map and have people play it, but it's obvious that from the several released updates of it that it wasn't ready for release yet. You commented on my video that I wasn't playing the most recent release -- so it's a problem having several releases around like that.

Anyway, stick with it and I look forward to seeing what is next! 
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