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Unused Jam
Unused Jam!

Quake Mapping Jam using the "id_unused" textures

Each map must use at least one of the unused textures.
Other textures that can be used are "id1 / hipnotic / rogue.

START: Wednesday February 3
DEADLINE: Wednesday February 10 11:59 PM local time
TEXTURES: id_unused (id1, hipnotic and rogue if needed)
PROGS : id1
SUBMISSIONS: Message @zigi on discord, or
NAMING: unused_author
but once we use them... they will never again be "unused" and we have to delete them from that wad. 
That means there can be a "Unused Unused Jam" down the line, made with the unused textures that didn't get used in this jam. 
Changelevel to start. Forgot to mention that. 
Was asked about this on discord so I thought I'd post it here as well.
Skips wad can be used for skips and clips. 
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