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Q1SP: Court Of The Chaos God
My first every attempt at a Quake map, welcome to the Court of the Chaos God!
Take a look at the Readme for some story-related info.
I put a bunch of effort in, and its my first map. Criticism is encouraged!
I guess you had mapping experience for other games?

My only real complain is usage of button/switch textures for decoration. I have deeply rooted reflex to interact with those when I see it and it confuses my brain a lot. 
I actually didn't have any previous experience with mapping for any game, and I don't think Mario Maker counts!

I thought it was a little annoying too, so I'll make sure to address stuff like that in my next map. 
Previews Please 
Come on, pictures ! 
Cool Map... 
but it's too retro to my taste. 
Pretty Cool. 
Nice old school visuals. Another point about button textures: this map inadvertently serves as an interesting experiment of subverting the Quake veteran's expectations. Many textures are used in ways that bend/break the "language" of Quake map design like using those typically seen on interactive brushes or teleports (eg those pillars at the start or the swampy moat being id1 teleport instead of green water).

This isn't a negative poke at your map, I think it's a healthy creative experiment and acts as a tiny window into your creative thought process. You see a small texture and you interpret it in a way that is personal to you. It's stimulating seeing someone build with these tools and resources without too many preconceptions of how a 25 year old Quake texture should be used. (I assume)

Of course, one must have a balance to prevent total texture whiplash, and the technicals will be ironed out as you develop your skills. However, keep exploring all this stuff. 
Thanks A Bunch 
I'm glad for all the positive feedback, I'll get some screenshots up as soon as I get home from school later today. thanks again for the support! 
sorry about the delay (and also the fact that this is an old tweet) but heres some screenshots for those who asked for 'em 
First Map? Impressive Stuff! 
I rather enjoyed this. It had a nice old-school feel and was a fun little romp. I noticed a bunch of "trigger_teleport=no_target" errors at the beginning of the map; luckily, it did not impact the gameplay.

The main issue that I saw was the opening scene pillars being used as nonfunctional cover & then later on they were actual buttons in other rooms. I can see how that could confuse regular players a tad. Of course, there was some texture/brushwork kookiness, but that's typical for early-on mappers and nothing major (and often charming).

I hope you'll make another! Will post a video of my playthrough soon :) 
That Playthrough... 
Fun Map! 
Really good use of classic textures to get a surprisingly colorful style for this map. I liked the combat arenas but did not find tem particularly challenging since I had a quad for the first and last one. Great job! 
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