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Feb, 2021 At ..::LvL
Time flies at ..::LvL. 3 more up for download. From the massive "The Last Arena" to the tight and fast "Fair and Square" and the visual delight of "engine".

* engine by gnc
* Fair and Square by Fjoggs
* The Last Arena by Grudge

Videos and panoramas for all.

Be sure to check out the mod section too. A review of the crazy classic "Catch the Chicken" has been added. There is also an in-game entity editor called "D!ABLO's map-editor RC4"

Enjoying that you guys are continuing to give the mod section some nice attention. It may seem ... eccentric :-) ... to make new reviews for 20-year-old multiplayer mods, but for me it's a great callback not only of playing that stuff but also of the days when I liked to do my daily visits of Quake websites to see what was up, reading reviews like those.

(From a practical standpoint it was also nice to discover that ioq3 HUD mod just now.) 
I enjoy doing reviews for both the maps and mods, so I'm glad others are liking them as well! I think it's really cool to have these old mods get some attention, as many have likely been forgotten about. There's some real gems in there. 
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