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Does Anyone Have A Collection Of Every Official Texture?
Not sure where to ask this, but Q.wad seems to be missing a few, even from the base game. I was wondering if there's a WAD that has every texture from the base game and the two mission packs, or if not, a collection of WADs that fills the same purpose. Thanks in advance!
These exist. There is a “quake101.wad” for the original game, then a “hypnotic.was” and “rogue.wad” 
A wad with some original unused textures appeared, id_unused.wad/zip. 
It's not possible for there to be a single WAD containing every texture from the base game, because some textures had duplicate names.

In fact if you look at the map sources you'll see that ID themselves didn't work from a single WAD. Instead they had multiple WADs, roughly one per "theme" of the game (base/metal/medieval/etc) plus one for items.

It's easy enough to extract these. Just identify which WAD each map used, group maps using the same WAD together, then use a texture extraction tool. 
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