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Q1SP: Godfreys Demesne
A new map by me. A medieval castle using progs_dump around over 100 enemies (a bit less on easy). Mostly vanilla gameplay but I'm using some custom enemy types for the ogres.

Thanks to FrancisT18, BmFbr and PoolboyQ for testing!

Download map:

For future reference, keep the specific configurations you want for your map, like the wateralpha being 0.6, in an included autoexec.cfg or quake.rc instead of a config.cfg so I don't have to mess around with my settings to get back the things I like. I say that with all love. Will properly play this later. 
Thanks. I had no clue. Maybe that's feedback for progs_dump as well 
FWIW, don't ship a release that contains its own autoexec.cfg (or config.cfg), that's kind of a faux pas. :-)

If you don't mind requiring that your release be in its own folder -- which honestly I think is almost always a good idea anyway -- then shipping with your own quake.rc is fine. Several releases use quake.rc to set up their own specific settings. It is usually a big release like Quoth or AD though.

(More about config files at )

For just wateralpha, setting the _wateralpha key in your worldspawn might be the best approach these days, so you don't have to worry about any of that config file stuff. That will only work in Quakespasm-ish engines, Mark V, and FTE as far as I know -- I'm dubious about others like qbism Super8, Darkplaces, JoeQuake, etc. So you could still mention the desired wateralpha in your readme. 
Thank You! 
Here's my playthrough: 
That was a great romp. What a challenge. The use of vores was excellent, and I was totally surprised by the cluster grenade ogres. Had a great time. Skill 3 demo:
I missed three enemies somehow, but I don't know where.
@Joel B
Thanks for that link correcting/clarifying what I had said. 
Also, the lack of health really put me on edge in a good way. That was a nice touch keeping the player so understuffed, constantly wary of danger. The third vore encounter I was sure I was going to die. 
Accidentally locked myself out of the ambush-room and had to noclip to progress.
Was a bit confusing after getting GL, got lost for a while.
Apart from that it was a pleasant experience. 
Cool map! Although I wished that there was an extra box of grenades at the end :)

Video playthrough: 
Really fun use of progs_dump stuff like breakables and custom monsters. Great classic castle space to explore and fight in as well... just a map that puts a smile on your face. 
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