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Slip & Frag V. 1.0.6 Is Out!
Version 1.0.6 of Slip & Frag for Windows, MacOS and Oculus Quest has been released!

This release sees the introduction of sky boxes, common in modern mods such as Arcane Dimensions, available for all versions of the engine.

There are also quite a few improvements in stability and performance, especially in the Oculus Quest side, which should make mods play significantly faster than previous versions. (For those in the know, the Quest version of the engine is now a multithreaded engine, meaning the engine itself and the 3D renderer run now in parallel, minimizing the amount of time used per frame, and improving performance significantly).

See for details on how to get and install the latest releases in your computers or devices. And as usual, all comments are welcome!
Cannot Install Windows Build 
I tried installing the Windows build and it failed due to certificate expiration, or something like that. I left a detailed issue report on bitbucket.

Definitely would encourage a Windows release that does not use an installer. 
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