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Quake Ironman League #2 - Red Hatred
n the spirit of the DWIronman League, the Quake Ironman League has participants play a provided map, episode or mod blind to see who can survive! Rules are at the bottom of the post.

This month you all will be dying to...

Red Hatred, a level by Skacky created for Retrojam4. With a lust for a player's blood, this map has you taking on several seemingly impossible threats while constantly high on quad-juice. Several gotcha moments, several dollops of insanity, just the type of thing an Ironman needs for breakfast!

Difficulty: Hard (Skill 2)
Mod: Vanilla Quake
Note: This map requires an engine port with increased limits.
Commands: The command "game retrojam4; skill 2" will switch you to the retrojam4 map directory and select the Hard skill, and "record qil2_playername retrojam4_skacky" will begin your attempt.

- To compete, you must play the given map/mod/mapset once on the given difficulty setting and record a demo of your playthrough to submit to this thread.
- Playthroughs must be blind. You are not permitted to practice or otherwise study the map before attempts are made.
- Demo files must be compatible with Quakespasm Spiked source port. (Protocol 15, 666, or FTE999)
- No cheat codes or other gameplay hacks may be used.
- No mods or files other than those provided may be used.
- If the recording of your run is interrupted due to technical difficulties, you are not permitted a second attempt. Any surviving recording may be submitted.
- You do not have to play the secret levels in order to register a complete run. However, a player who finishes the run having completed more secret levels than their competitors will rank higher than them.
Aw, I have played this one, shortly after it came out, so I'll have to sit it out. Should be a fun map to revisit, though, and watch other peoples' demos. 
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