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Q25-LIMITS: An Id1-limits Mapping Jam
Celebrating 25 years of Quake.
Mapping in the spirit of Maximum DOS performance!

· ͏͏͏͏R_SPEEDS <= 350 average (600 max)
· ͏͏͏͏BSP file <= 1.4mb
· ͏͏͏͏textures <= 64

· ͏͏͏͏3 cooperative starts
· ͏͏͏͏Exit to start map
· ͏͏͏͏Opaque liquids
͏͏͏͏- ͏͏͏͏Compile qbsp with -notranswater
͏͏͏͏- ͏͏͏͏Add worldspawn property _wateralpha 1
· ͏͏͏͏Simple skies (no skyboxes)
· ͏͏͏͏No colored lights, fog, fences or transparency
· ͏͏͏͏Include map source

PROGS: id1
NAMING: q25_limits_author

BEGIN: Any time!
SUBMISSIONS OPEN: Saturday, MAY 1st 2021
DEADLINE: Saturday, JUNE 12th 2021
RELEASE: Tuesday, JUNE 22nd 2021

SUBMISSIONS: Message Rhoq#1472 on Discord, or
Notes And Recommendations 
· ͏͏͏͏If you're not familiar, type 'R_SPEEDS 1' in the console and check the surface count.
· ͏͏͏͏Keep your map sealed as you build. If you have leaks, your R_SPEEDS numbers will be huge.
· ͏͏͏͏Go into the corners of each room and look for long sightlines and detailed geometry. Try to separate them if rendered surfaces are too high.
· ͏͏͏͏Make a habit of turning corners or building vertical progression around doorways. You'll have more freedom within the limits if you can stop VIS from consuming several rooms at once.

Regarding textures:
Recommend choosing one of the individual id1 texture themes [BASE, METAL, MEDIEVAL, WIZARD]. However, as long as you mind the texture limit, feel free to use whatever wad you like.

Lighting Tips:
If you're interested in authentic id1 lighting design, consider testing your map in DOS Quake, WinQuake, or any client which provides software palette rendering. The original palette gives quite a different impression of light and dark than modern rendering. It could influence you toward well-lit, higher-constrast lighting designs with a nostalgic touch.

Compling light with '-bounce', '-soft', or '-extra4' is discouraged for the id1 aesthetic, but not prohibited.

If you're into it, here's a port I like for testing in DOSBOX: 
I am in. 
For An Extra Challenge 
Try the following:

- Don't use monsters that were not used in the original maps (i.e. Enforcers and Rottweilers outside base maps, Knights in Runic, Knights and Death Knights together outside of E4M2 or E4M4)

- Lots of variety on skill difficulties, like not just fewer/more monsters, but having different kinds of encounters altogether (E1M3: 1 Ogre becoming 2 Fiends) and/or moving weapons and powerups around (for example E3M2)

- Open up your favorite id map in TexMex, extract the textures as a wad, and use those and only those for your entry. 
Also don't use that one tile texture unless you're remaking E2M5 
Include at least one zfighting brush model.

Test to make sure there is no grey flash in winquake. 
Re: Extra Challenge 
Yes! Lovin' these extra layers of authenticity.

The single-map texture rip is an enticing limit.

Re: metlslime... lol on the zfighting brush. I don't want to encourage it, but it will probably make me smile if I see people doing that. 
It's the only intelligent observation I've ever made, don't take it away from me!! 
Another Note 
The original engines wouldn't let you look all the way up or down... so consider not putting secret switches on the ceilings. 
Authentic Experience 
Consider setting the visuals in modern engines to CHUNKY in "autoexec.cfg" - the lack of details gives Quake a completely different atmosphere. In my opinion it suits the original semi-Lovecraftian theme well, because the less you see, the more you imagine (but I personally keep the lerping).

gl_texturemode gl_nearest_mipmap_nearest
r_particles 2
r_viewmodel_quake 1
r_scale 4
r_lerpmodels 0
r_lerpmove 0

Full tutorial by Dwars: 
Authentic Experience 
Needs software rendering. 
Limited Monster Palette 
onetruepurple has observed that there were certain monster combinations that never occurred in ID1 maps, but a related aspect to the originals I've never seem remarked on is that they never used a wide variety of monsters within a single level. My theory is that this was necessary to fit memory constraints for the PCs of the time.

Only three levels had as many as seven different types of monster, all the rest had fewer. e2m6 and e3m7 had the same combination: Ogre, Zombie, Death Knight, Fiend, Scrag, Shambler, Vore. It's a strong set, all the high HP monsters. e4m7 is the other map with 7, going with an unusual mix of Fiend, Shambler, Spawn, Death Knight, Zombie, Fish, Vore.

I mean, don't make your map as dull as ditchwater by having no variety in the combat, but maybe see if you can do without one or two varieties - don't introduce a new type if it's just filler.

And yes, I did just write a mod to list and count the unique monsters in a map! It's actually an interesting challenge to do that in QC... 
I'm in. Need a break from working on and off (mostly off) on my unvanilla WIP AD map. Might used some of theose id_unused textures. 
This kind of limitations might make it a bit easier to actually finish a map :) 
Other Tips 
Things shared from QuakeMapping discord...

Animated Textures bloat file size quickly.

Minor adjustments to wall position can dramatically alter visible surfaces.

Dos/WinQuake also included a 600-entity limit, which I didn't document. I figure the other limits will preclude this possibility, but it's good to keep in mind.

Are readme files required?
Encouraged, but not mandatory.

Are maphacks permitted?
Permitted, but as some noted- it can mess up coop if not done carefully.

A few people have setup compile steps in Trenchbroom such that they can launch and test their maps in DOSBOX, running dos quake. The recommended method is to make a batch file in your quake directory with your quake arguments. Then launch DOSBOX with an argument to run your batch file.

For WinQuake, the following is suggested.
...for anyone that wants to use WinQuake regular then try out this:

It's the regular WinQuake exe but set up to run with a wrapper + soundtrack. Upscales to native res with nearest neighbour.
Submissions Are Open 
Just a reminder- submissions are now open and will be open through the deadline. Submissions can be sent to my email or via DM on Discord. I can be found in the Quake Mapping server. 
hello i am pieface i make map for limits jam. i hope you enjoy 
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