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A Mixed Three At ..::LvL
A mixed three for ..::LvL. We have a re-telling of e1m7 from Quake, a large release and a fast tech release in this update. More than enough to keep you all busy.

* House Of Chthon by sst13
* Murder in Blue Minor by Player
* Fly on Rocket by TymoN

Videos and panoramas for all.

In the mod section, a review of the class PainKeep has been added as well.

Enjoy, I know I did.

..::LvL -
House of Chthon looks pretty great. Looks like it would be a fun map to play as well. Good stuff. 
Yeah... i just used the "live view" feature (gg Tigger) and ran through House of Chthon, feels like a good layout with good scale.

I do wish the lighting wasn't so flat, is that just a requirement for multiplayer nowadays? 
Happy to read people have been using the LiveView feature.

Personally, I had been looking forward to the final release of "House of Chthon", but felt the lighting really needed more work. 
I really enjoyed the House of Cthon. I think the only real gripe, like metlslime, is the lighting seemed a bit flat. 
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