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Q1SP Episode: The Punishment Due
Here's a Q1SP (mini?) episode I've been working on for a while, based on copper. There's 5 maps plus a start map, mostly all by me except a guest appearance from Fairweather on pun2 (they did the main rooms and encounters, I plumbed it all together and applied the finishing touches).

If you're feeling competitive you can play this as part of the Quake Ironman League here

Download here.
Some screenshots: pun1, pun2, pun3, pun4, pun5
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WTF dude!? I didn't played this mod with another mod!

I played it straight as it is, with QSS. 
About The Loading Error... 
Here's the command line I use for all map/mod loading when I start Quake:

-game pun +skill 3 -heapsize 480000 -zone 4096 -sndspeed 44100 -fsaa 2

Maybe there's a parameter here that doesn't fit the mod? Yet, everything played fine, except when loading map 4 from map 3. 
QSS Is The Culprit? 
I just reproduced the same bug with QSS (using the same command line as before), and didn't got the bug with the regular QS (with same command line). So I guess the "old" QSS (0.92.2, for OSX) is the culprit?

I also got some similar issue with QSS and the latest AD.

What is the newest version of QSS for OSX? It's due for an update. 
Not sure if this is OSX specific - I've been testing with both QS and QSS on windows. 
AFAIK, QSS OSX Is Stucked At 0.92.2. 
I re-tested with QuakeSpasm-SDL2 (and the same start command line as before), and didn't reproduced the bug.

This appears to be a specific QSS 0.92.2 OSX issue. It needs an update. 
The Best Punishment I've Ever Recieved 
I'm glad I'm not in the habit of ranking things, because doing so for all the Copper episodes coming out nowadays would be really hard.

This one in particular is great for so many reasons. There are tons of really creative encounter setups and map layouts, polished and atmospheric visuals reminiscent of Underdark Overbright (I feel like the comparisons will be inescapable, but it is a good thing to be compared to), a complete custom soundtrack(!) which sounds unlike any music I've heard in Quake before but nonetheless fits the atmosphere well, really impressive scripting that makes the most of Copper's features, and all done consistently over 5 decently-sized maps.

I quite enjoyed many of the secrets too, but I did find almost all of them without too much searching. Not sure if that's because they're too easy or if I'm somehow psychicly linked with Juzley when it comes to secrets. Only other things I can find to criticise here are minor visual nitpicks. Can't even blame you for my death in the Ironman League, that one was 100% my own stupid fault.

Congratulations on the release, now you can go and make something else for me to adore <3 
Still in the middle of the last map, but love everything so far. I appreciate how it picks up themes from Underdark Overbright and in a way feels like a sequel to it, but with its own style of course. What a great start to the new year, with two excellent episodes already released. 
Is There A Nightmare Skill Slipgate? 

Spoiler: look for a red shootable button around the Hard skill portal. 
Yeah, Its Pretty Good 
Quite the good tribute to UDOB and also pretty challenging in a far way (atleast most of the time, talking about that one moving platform you stand on in pun5 where you get shoot at every angle, I would say thats a little too much). Highlights of this has to be pun2 with its fun encounters and probably the best use of the biosuit in any quake map, and pun5 because its just a good final challenge that keeps things fresh from encounter to encounter. Altought one of the weakest maps imo was pun4. There are good encounters, exploration is good, and that button puzzle is the last thing I expected in a quake map; but God does it drag on, kinda overstays its welcome. But overall its a good episode, I definetly recommend it. 
(to Barnak) 
... gotta refresh before posting, I guess :) 
one of the best releases recent years! pun4 is a masterpiece of layout and exploration.
thank you Juz! 
My Full Video Review... 
Great Review Kinn! 
Thanks for your efforts. 
Your're Are Welcome 
let me just say that the title of map two is great. 
I've kept everyone waiting for my verdict long enough I think.

Here it is:

What they said.

Great set of maps, similar to Copper in the a number of great ways, including the increasingly impressive nature of the maps. Lots of fun and clever architectural and gameplay ideas generally quite coherently linked together while still retaining a kind of pure old schoolish Quake vibe. Nice lighting. Way to go Juz, this is super impressive. 
Unbelievably good and balanced in every aspect. Good one, Juz! Keep these coming! 
Composing your own music is an unfair superpower for SP maps. Really enjoying the effect. Some of the synth-y stuff has the Doom feel of the map sort of snickering at you in a "just you wait" fashion.

BTW what tune are you quoting in track96 (pun3)? Probably something obvious but I'm blanking on it.

I've just played up through pun3 so far, skill 2. Some really brutal but fun combat surprises! (That sequence of biosuits and buttons... hah.)

Also in general I can tell this is a Juzley joint. The crisp structures with big pieces that open up to make swiss-cheese paths; high-visibility but still with interesting lighting. IMO your best builds yet.

pun3 sure feels like it puts some miles under your ranger-boots. I've got to take a breather. :-) (In a good way.) 
Loved This Pack 
Played on Normal and enjoyed it. Had to cheat on last map. It's just too hard for this old geezer. But beautiful work and polished to perfection across the board. 
pun4 was a trip. I can see how some folks could think it dragged... I think for me though it landed in a pretty good zone, continually revealing new interesting areas/connections that fit into my mental model of the place. That's always a cool feeling!

One bit of the design that was crucial IMO was the button-count indicators placed over the four paths. Those really went a long way toward reducing the where-to-go-next anxiety, and I think for a big map it's VERY nice to be able to "cross off the list" some subsection of the map.

It wouldn't surprise me if some players didn't notice those indicators though! Which would be unfortunate. 
I tested a version of pun4 without those indicators and I can confirm that they make the navigation drastically better. 
...and that's pun5 done. Yep pretty tough. :-) Fight-bites were of the right size that it was fun to quick-reload a few times to try various stuff until it worked.

The last room was maybe the least interesting? which was too bad but hey... still batting a high percentage here.

Quick bug report (I think): I wasn't able to pick up the green armor that was on one of those up-and-down moving grates. Playing with QSS.

Anyway, a stellar release. Got to bug more folks to try it out! 
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