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Q1SP: Dimension Conundrum
I made a new map, completely vanilla as always.
Tested it on MarkV.


New Version 
my demo
played in QuakeSpasm 0.93.2

Don't mean to be harsh or anything like that, but - the last ogre was killed by opening door, you might want to rethink his positioning. Two beasts hardly warrant a quad. 'Secret' not so much of a secret tbh.

Generally speaking if I can beat a map on skill 2 from the first attempt - its too easy :D 
New Version 
Modified the map slightly, added a secret and modified the difficulty slightly.

Played It On The Quake Grave

This second map doesn't feel like there is much in the way of improvement from the 1st map. While I like the setting, the scale of the environment is very small. It kind of feels like those old 1996 maps where someone recreated their house or office in Quake but it doesn't feel quite right.

The 2nd area where there is an invisible bridge and disjointed pieces laying around-- This area I did not care for. This area feels more like an experiment that's not quite finished.

To help with scale and flow, I recommend playing a lot of the maps that have been released within the last 5-10 years to see what Quakers have been up to. Play maps from Quaddicted that are well rated and play maps that are not well rated and read the comments. See why these maps work for players and why they don't.

Also, you need to package your maps up in a zip with a readme and what not. Downloading just a bsp file is fine for people to test it but for a final release, this should be presented in a zip with the map information.

Below is a repost from the other maps post because I think it's important:

I know you've released a couple maps already but for your next map, I would focus on a theme or idea and work on it for a little bit. Have other mappers test it, see if your idea works and if it doesn't, find out how to make it work. And most important of all, get those bugs and issues out of there.

I know it's exciting to work on a Quake map and have people play it, but it's obvious that from the several released updates of it that it wasn't ready for release yet. You commented on my video that I wasn't playing the most recent release -- so it's a problem having several releases around like that.

Anyway, stick with it and I look forward to seeing what is next! 
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