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Quake25 Discussion
Quake25 (#quake25) is an initiative in the Quake Mapping Discord that seeks to unite online communities of the Quake series in celebrating the original game's 25th anniversary.

More info and discussion to come, but we want any significant activity to be "mirrored" here on func to include those who are not on Discord.

Here's a .png logo cooked up by Greenwood.

I'll be posting a PDF explainer with more info and links soon.
PDF Expaliner 
I made this PDF for distribution. Please forward it to anyone who may be interested. 
Countdown Begins 
Quake's 25th anniversary is less than two weeks away and it's time to celebrate! If you have a #Quake25-related project ready (or close to release) please share it with the community. Starting on June 12th I will be highlighting up to three projects a day on Twitter, my YouTube channel and at This can be a map, your Quake body art, an essay, music, fan fiction - if it's related to the Quake family of IPs, it's fair game. Note the order of release is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. Also, the q25-limits and q25-sinister-625 projects will have their own dedicated posts, so please DO NOT submit content for those.

Please follow these guidelines for your submission:

1. Please include a screenshot, photograph or artwork representing your project.
2. Please write-up a description of your project ***with a link, if applicable*** of no more than 280 characters.
3. If your project is not ready please included an ETA for the release.
4. Email your submission to with Q25 in the subject heading. I will not be accepting any submissions through Discord.
5. Celebrate! 
Tattoo Q 
Two new Quake 25 videos are up.

Zothique's impressive first map "The Purifier"

Quake INK! 
New Videos 
Nifty Mod check Utility

Sinister 6-2-5 Jam

Wolfenstein 3D in Quake 
Wolfenstein 3D In Quake 
In QSS, I get a "Draw_PicFromWad: pic "num0" truncated" error when trying to launch this Wolf3D TC. Does anybody know what could be wrong here (I guess it's related to gfx.wad)? 
Future WolfenQuake Material 
What the title says. This project opens another fork in the road for TC projects, this time for Wolfenstein in Quake. 
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