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I've been working on some things for the Quake Expo Non-Expo this year, and none of them are quite ready yet, but Kinn liked one of them so much, he said I should release a little sneak preview. Maybe get some feedback?

The mod itself should run in any engine, but I sort of broke the level limits with the starting map, so you'll need to use an engine that supports it...sorry =(

I'll get some screenshots up in a bit, but it's idbase, what's not to like???
Here's a Mediafire link in case Dropbox is flakey:

And if it's not flakey, here's a couple rough screenshots (I've never used Dropbox to share images before!) 
Now That's Quality 
Sometimes world doesn't need a proper singleplayer episode, it needs gorgeous one. 
Loved the ranger commentary. I finished a Blood and Blood: Death Wish not too long ago so being able to kick around the gibs in this mod reminded me of that old gem of a game. 
And if it's not flakey, here's a couple rough screenshots (I've never used Dropbox to share images before!)

Then there is a trick i can tell you for the next time: Change in the URL the ''www'' for ''dl'' will make it easier for the viewer and compatible with a wider range of software and hardware.

For example:

Changing the 0 at the end of the url for a 1 is a lot better for downloading files. 
Thanks, Guys =D 
An Existentialist Masterpiece. 
I mean, it really doesn't get much better than this. After a while the line between the mod and myself became so blurred that I was unsure of where it ended and I began.

Then it ended, and I remembered. 
It can never end, as long as you have the power of goodness in your heart.

Plus, you can always load other maps.
I'm planning on compiling a bunch of other peoples' maps together for a release at the QExpo that isn't happening. I've found some real gems. 
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