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UDOB1 V4: Drowning In Space
Since seeing near universal praise for the map "UDOB2: A Drowning", I've decided to update the first map of the episode. Please enjoy this revision, and apologies for a late release, it should've been out last thursday.

(Note: This requires theCopper mod!)

Download here!
Drown Me To The Moon 
This map was good but I didn't drown as was promised in the title, 2/10. 
Cool Remix! 
Well, I did drown the first time through, Bal!
This was cool, albeit a tad late. :) 
Pictures? Previews? Poster? 
Can this be played in AD? 
Thank You Lunariaranyrun 
This use of the layout is pretty fun, and I especially appreciate how one of the secrets was reinterpreted. By far the most important change, though, was the added bird in the sky. 
This Map Was A Real Force 
thank you, loonyrant! 
This Wasn't Me 
but it was great

would have made a perfectly sandy-petersen secret level in UDOB! 
Hey Sean. 
Did you ever finish Dicey Dungeons? 
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