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Post-Easter At ..::LvL
After Easter is the best time for an ..::LvL update. 3 maps added, all worth checking out. A re-make of Arena of Death (Q3DM3) from sst13 and two older GeoComp2 maps from 2002.

* Lost Arena (2) by sst13
* The Stolatene Mine by haste
* The Geo Core by Q

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news, there is now a European mirror for downloads. For members, a "My notes" section has been added for keeping private notes about a map. And using @memberName in a comment or forum post will now alert that member to the comment the next time they visit the site.

..::LvL -
Good stuff. Digging the live view feature although my computer struggles a bit with it, at least in the bigger maps like Lost Arena. 
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