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Speed Mapping Progs - SMP On GitHub
Speed Mapping Progs (SMP) by dumptruck_ds

This is a simple progs.dat file intended for use as a base for community speed mapping events. It's a modified version of the id1 progs except for quality-of-life features or traditional bug fixes mentioned in smp_readme.txt


Use this like any other Quake mod by unzipping the "smp" folder into your Quake directory. Then launch Quake with the -game parameter on the command line.

e.g c:\quake -game smp

The fgd file is the same as the default included with TrenchBroom release 2021.1 with an added spawnflag for "trigger spawned" monsters and other small changes. The source code is included.

If you have any questions contact dumptruck_ds at: or dumptruck_ds#3116 via Discord

Version 2021.11 
New version is out and should be near final, unless I find any additional bugs. All of the remaining Quake Info Pools fixes are complete and I added dormant triggers and a couple of other helpers.

TL/DR version: this has most traditional community bug fixes, trigger spawn monsters, items, weapons, ammo and artifacts. Dormant trigger_once, trigger_multiple and eliminates the need for Rune hacks.

Here's the changelog:

Version 2021.11

* Fixed misc_fireball typo that lead to crash
* Added KNOWN ISSUES information in smp_readme.txt

Version 2021.10

* Completed all Quake Info Pool bug fixes
* Fixed bug where trigger spawned items could fall out of level
(items.qc thanks to TheSolopsist)
* Fixed wrong obituary messages fix (multiple qc files)
* Fixed Pentagram telefrag (combat.qc)
* Fixed weapon items never firing their targets in coop or deathmatch 2
(items.qc thanks to iw)
* Fixed key items firing their targets multiple times in coop
(items.qc thanks to iw)
* Added is_waiting key to trigger_once and trigger_multiple
a.k.a. dormant triggers (triggers.qc, defs.qc)
* Fixed Shambler non-solid bug (shambler.qc)
* Fixed Nailgun viewmodel projectile position (weapons.qc)
* Fixed (rare) Rune restart bug (world.qc, client.qc)
* Fixed misc_explobox bug (misc.qc from URQP)
* Fixed sliding/not-jumping on monsters/boxes/players (monsters.qc)
* Fixed drowning hurts armor (combat.qc, client.qc)
* Added info_player_start2 spawnflag to trigger_changelevel. This replaces
"Rune hacks". Useful for start and hub levels.

Version 2021.9

* Fixed syntax errors in health_touch that broke Megahealth
* Fixed Megahealth Rot courtesy of Quake Info Pool (items.qc)

Version 2021.8

* Added custom gravity setting to worldspawn (def.qc, world.qc)
* Items, artifacts, ammo, health and weapons can be suspended in air (items.qc)
* Updated .fgd with new spawnflags and key / values
* Updated readme with more detailed info on spawnflags and key / values

Version 2021.7

* Added wait key to items in fgd
* minor changes to readme

Version 2021.6

* Items, Artifacts, Ammo and Weapons can be trigger spawned
and set to respawn using the wait key. They can also be set
to spawn and respawn silently or with teleport effects.
* Added spawn silently flag to monsters (monsters.qc)

Version 2021.5

* Fixed bug in trigger_hurt (defs.qc, triggers.qc)
* Fixed glowing corpse bug (player.qc)
* Fixed fraglimit / timelimit bug (client.qc)
* Disabled suicide during intermission in multiplayer (client.qc)
* Made fish gibbable (fish.qc)
* Fixed bug where players respawned where they died (client.qc)
* Fixed teamplay 1 bugs (combat.qc)
* Fixed player not spawning bubbles when hurt in slime (player.qc)
* Fixed bubble spawner bugs (player.qc)
* Fixed constantly checking all impulses (weapons.qc)

Version 2021.4

* Fixed typo in trigger_changelevel (client.qc)
* New Episode Fix (eliminates need for start.bsp rune hack) (client.qc)
* Fixed auto switching to Thunderbolt underwater (items.qc)
* Disabled NoExit in SinglePlayer and Coop (client.qc)
* Fixed player having velocity when respawning (client.qc)

Version 2021.3

* Renamed a file to spawn.qc
* Renamed a monster to monster_spawn
* Added monster_spawn to smp.fgd

Version 2021.2

* Fixed FTEQCC compiler warnings courtesy of Khreathor's mod_jam_progs

Version 2021.1

* Fixed fish count bug (monsters.qc)
* Fixed fish collision timing (fish.qc)
* Fixed door unlock sound (doors.qc)
* Added Preach's monster teleporting flag
(spawnflag 8 to trigger spawn a targeted monster)
* Added "trigger spawn" spawnflag to smp.fgd
SMP Version 2023.1 

Mirrored here:

This is a simple mod intended for use in community speed mapping events. It is also a excellent base for new QuakeC projects as I've included a multitude of bug fixes and some popular quality-of-life features. smp is a modified version of the 1.06 id1 "netquake" progs. The GitHub repository can be found here:

This should be the final version of the mod barring any bugs. In addition to bug fixes I've added a couple of new entities:

* misc_model: a simple entity to display a model
* play_sound_triggered: trigger a custom sound on demand
* play_sound_random: play a custom sound at random intervals
* ambient_general: plays a custom loop-able sound
Got Excited 
but only spam :( 
SMP Version 2024.1

No new features. This version fixes a bug that prevented monsters from spawning. YIKES. 
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