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Speed Mapping Progs - SMP On GitHub
Speed Mapping Progs (SMP) by dumptruck_ds

This is a simple progs.dat file intended for use as a base for community speed mapping events. It's a modified version of the id1 progs except for quality-of-life features or traditional bug fixes mentioned in smp_readme.txt


Use this like any other Quake mod by unzipping the "smp" folder into your Quake directory. Then launch Quake with the -game parameter on the command line.

e.g c:\quake -game smp

The fgd file is the same as the default included with TrenchBroom release 2021.1 with an added spawnflag for "trigger spawned" monsters and other small changes. The source code is included.

If you have any questions contact dumptruck_ds at: or dumptruck_ds#3116 via Discord

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