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Q1SP: Halls Of The Void (jpqm7)
Hi, here's my new Quake 1 SP map - "Halls of the Void" (jpqm9.bsp).
Map is utilizing progs_dump mod devkit by dumptruck_ds.
Requires a source port that supports bsp2 format (increased limits) - quakespasm works best.

Map features:
- runic / void theme, relatively small-sized
- approx. 100 enemies (depending on difficulty), some with custom variants
- limited weaponry (gameplay focused on utilizing nailgun and rocket launcher)
- playtime around 15 min depending on difficulty level



Looking Good 
I like the lighting and scale in this one. It has a good moodiness to it. 
7 Comes After 8 And 9 
Really cool map. I like the focus on nails and rocket, and the harmless void falls like Amid Evil E8.

Not sure if I broke the map or what, but I finished with a gold key, having found only 2 of the gold pillars. Is the final one in a secret? I only found 1 secret (the quad). 
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