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Summer/Winter At ..::LvL
With the seasonal change, an update at ..::LvL. sst13 shows us yet again what a remake should be like with "Tokay Arena". TymoN brings us "Simple Battle", an interesting release with some non-standard features that will be either love it / hate it. And a double CTF release from Q.

* Tokay Arena by sst13
* Simple Battle by TymoN
* INSTACTF1 (map pack) by Q

Videos and panoramas for all.

In the mod section, reviews have gone up for:

* Rocket Arena 3
* Jailbreak: Prisoners of War 2.0
* Q3 Gridiron
* Quake3e
* [HQQ] High Quality Quake
* ZTM's Flexible HUD

That Tokay's Towers remake is pretty nice. Good flow and proportion, with a surprising amount of changes. I like a lot of the little details that you discover after a while, like the little 3D skulls. 
Yeah sst13 has chops. :-) 
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