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More Complete Archive Of All Quake 1 Bots
Hi, I'm obsessively locating and play-testing all the old Quake 1 bots (Quake C mods) and mirroring the mod files on github here:

I've also created a cool quake 1 bot genealogy mindmap:

The old mirrors were quite incomplete and I'm up to about 75 bots now.

I'm missing files for bots like:,,, Koolio, etc.

If you know of any bots I'm missing, please drop a link or let me know!

Thanks, Jason.
This is amazing. I will take a look through my limited archives. You might want to check out some of the CD-ROM ISOs at Quaddicted. 
Very cool, thank you! 
Thanks to those that have reached out so far, we're up to about 122 bots tons of older versions of each bot!

We still have many files missing. There are many ways to help:

- Maybe you have an old backup of quake mod zips?
- Maybe you know someone that does?
- Maybe you know one of the bot authors and can reach out?
- Maybe you have access to an old or telefragged snapshot or mirror?

Also, I've added a wishlist for broken bot download links, maybe you have one of these files or know a clever way to locate them:

Thanks again. 
Not sure if it's the one you need, but it's an update from REAPRB0.75. 
it's already there. 
No problem, thanks anyway. 
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