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Co-op With 64+ Players
Hello all,

For Quake's 25th birthday I'm planning to host an event where we'll play Quake multiplayer with 64 or more players using FTEQW.

We've toyed a bit with FTEQW's server settings but there appears to be no way to disable friendly fire without relying on the players' team colours.

Another feature we're looking for is the ability to walk through allied players.

I'm not too familiar with Quake and its mods, does a mod like this exist?

Final question: are there any good or classic map packs you guys recommend for 64-player deathmatch?

Thanks in advance.

The event by the way will be livestreamed on my "decino" YouTube channel if you wish to check it out in 2 weeks.
can FTE even support that many players? the netcode sucks 
Just as a word of advice - there's few Q1SP releases that support coop, and from those, it would be tough to find one that wouldn't be a big mess with 64 players. But I guess that's your intention.

If you're looking for maximum comedy value I recommend looking at the early-to-mid speedmaps, like around the 100-140 range: 
I don't know about the specific features you requested, but the Copper mod (among many other things) improves coop. You can see the changes here:

The big ones for the purposes of a ludicrous event like this one are the telefrag protection for spawnpoints and teleporters and the way that elevators now wait for nearby players. Still 64 sounds like it might just be pushing it...

Speaking of Copper, several episodes have been released for it, and they're all designed to work well in coop. Of those, I'd say smej 1 and 2 are probably the most likely to survive with so many players. I'm sure other people more experienced with coop maps would be able to suggest packs fit for such a specific purpose. 
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