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Q1SP: “The Purifier”
Salutations to all slipgaters.

I'm glad to share with you my first release: a Wizard map with also some base army invasion, a blood sewer and a few traps.

It uses Copper mod 1.15 and got a fix of the upcoming 1.16 version, included in the folder.

Hope you enjoy it as I enjoyed mapping it.

​Iä, Shub-Niggurath!

I've Tested This Map And It Is True And Good. 
Go play it. 
Fantastic Map! 
I've discovered a way to trigger the endlevel quite earlier, I've made a small demo: . Please use QuakeSpasm-Spiked to read this (unless it works too on QS or other limit-removing port)

Video is not uploaded yet, but it should be in an hour or two. I'll still post the link: - Skill 2 - 100% completion

I have to say I was really impressed! Map was bloody fun (no pun intended), with some nice switches and traps, but I'd just say my only complain is that I was a little low on both health/ammo up to the gold door, where I could replenish them with no issues. 
It's crazy how good some first releases are these days! Played on Normal, and I agree with Ch0wW - felt like the map was a little light on health. Was that the intention? 
Be Pure! 
onetruepurple - your words of love are more than appreciated and warmly welcomed in my chest

Ch0wW - you are a bad ass ranger... You have certainly demonstrated guts and skill in exterminating the pious and sacred cult of the Purifier... nevertheless your shameful trap to escape from this place of worship in such a dirty way will not be left unpunished... beware!

gila - this map was made in 3 months, and yes, it is certainly my debut, but it is based on the work of many Quake mappers over more than 2 decades who have left a significant legacy of inspiration plus the help of the best level designer community of any other game!!!

This map has undergone many testings in the 3 difficulties, and is leveled trying to have the desired tension at each moment as best I could... so my recommendation for more health is to exercise and intermittent fasting!

Be pure! 
This Is One Of The Better Maps I've Played 
The fact that it's a first map is incredible. Love the layout and visuals, as well as the combat and secrets. What more is there to say? Go play it if you haven't already. 
I Like You Like It 
Even though I think you are exaggerating, your words fill me with happiness and satisfaction... thanks! 
Good Map, But Crashed QSS 
This map is very good. Unfortunately, it crashed QuakeSpasm when clicking a button somewhere... 
Reproduced The Hard Crash... 
The crash occured by pressing that button protected by a vore. I killed the vore, then pressed that button to get to desktop.

Played with QSS on OS X. 
Regular QS Doesn't Crash. 
QSS really needs an update! It has troubles with several recent mods now.

Personally, I much prefer QSS because of its feature set which is better than the regular QS (especially its menu). 
Tested And Working In QSS 
I can't imagine what could have caused that, but many testers used QSS and didn't have any problem... miself included! maybe the version you were playing with gave that result? You should report it to Spoike, with the details of the crash and the version. 
Barnak, I'm a little curious what you're referring to. QSS has pretty regular updates, nothing particularly special/new in its menus, and works with any recent mods AFAIK.

Hmm I guess if you're using a very old macOS build that could explain a lot... I just now noticed that in your original post. That's not quite a "QSS needs an update" issue though; that's a "someone needs to build a macOS version of latest QSS". 
Yes, We Need A New Version Of QSS For MacOS 
The version I use is the latest one available for MacOS. And it's already pretty old, while there are several other versions available for other OSs... 
Understood, but there's no point in telling Zothique that his map crashes QS.

Anyway, sorry about the derail. Looking forward to trying this one! 
OK yeah this one is really good.

It reminds me a lot of JPal's maps -- especially the early-to-mid ones in his output so far -- i.e. a very polished and slightly scaled-up version of classic themes. (It was a fun break between doing some maps from Alkaline!)

There's just a lot to like here. The construction is neatly done and it's easy to navigate through. Everything reads clearly, but there's still good atmospheric lighting. I love the way the route folds around on itself (and goes up up up). the first three secrets are well-judged... not too hard to find, and they make the map feel more "clever" and encourage poking around right off the bat. In general the secrets and traps are pretty sweet. The combat setups and mid-fight "adds" are handled nicely too, with a good ammo loadout for skill 2. Etc. etc. it's just super solid.

The sense of humor in this map is really the cherry on top. :-) Friendly, not overly wacky or breaking the mood. Made me want to find all them grates!

I mean I guess I should have some constructive criticism to add? I can say that the final area felt a little less tightly put-together, with the go-there-push-that gameplay feeling a bit random. And the very lastest fight could have been more interesting/epic. Still was good though! That's about all I got.

Great work, keep it up. 
For the final area I wanted to leave a freer gameplay, the truth is that it was more difficult to design, given the large dimensions of the area and being such an open space. According to the gameplays I have seen, the results in this area are very different depending on each player. You can take a look at Greenwood's ending, Zigi's ending and Chow's ending... they have nothing to do!

Maybe the standard of locking the player in a final arena with several waves is what always works best... I just tried to do something a little different!

Thanks! I've already started a new map! 
Skill 1 First Play Demo

Amazing, fantastic map.

The combat was very often with an additional dynamic like monster jumping down or changing angles. Great setups and surprises but always fair. Very good use of monsters, vertical combat. Traps! Right from the start an opportunity for a ring of shadows run.
Architecture was superb. Always something grand to look at. Loved the pipes and the blood.
On the way to final arena I was feeling like entering a tomb.
Final fight was great with lots of room to manoeuvre.
Very good use of copper which is a great mod.
Recommend to play if you haven't yet.

One zombie was left lying under a stair.

On my quake map enjoyment scale: 10/10 
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