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Q1SP Mappack: Sinister 625

To celebrate 25 years of Quake, we have a new community mappack.
9 maps from 9 authors!

Constraints: 6 textures, 2 surprises, 5 enemy types.
6 for June and in honor of previous jams that used 6 textures only. 2 and 5 for 25 years of Quake.
Pack uses the progs_dump devkit mod, included.

Download: (91.3MB)

Heresy's Map Is Awesome! 
But there's no ambiance sound in this map. It feels missing something.

Also, again, it's a pity that Spiked QSS (MacOS version) has problems with many of the new maps and mods (app is quiting in some circumstances). Come on Spike, do something!

Anyway, this mod is really excellent! 
Best Bday Gift Ever 
All of these maps are amazing! The idea of having surprises in each of them makes them stand out from the usual map packs. My favorites are "The Dead Room" and "Daughter Drink This Water", but all the others have their undeniable highlights as well.

What I appreciate most is that settings are really different in each offering, turning this into a visual feast. I am going to play through this again soon, I think. 
Glad to see that you enjoyed the map.
I hadn't so much time theses last months but I wanted to do something for that Quake anniversary. You remind me that I totally missed the ambient sounds layer in my map.
truely sorry !
Anyway I'm plannong to make a DM version of this map soon. 
Played about half of it so far, and loving the surprises and twists. Mazu's map is as hardcore as expected, and Palmlix's must be one of the strangest maps I've ever played. I was worried that the texture constraint would lead to ugly maps and would be more fun for mappers than for players and I'm glad I was proven wrong.

Thank you so much for this wonderful pack! 
Mazu's map was super fun.

I am often not not not a fan of loading up a map and seeing a monster count in the high three digits, but here it works out. (I know I've posted something like that a few times... mainly because I'd rather just mention the good cases rather than complain about the bad ones!)

I think a lot of the reason this map worked for me and didn't feel grindy is because it lets you explore and re-explore a not-too-gigantic space, where you come through new paths in areas you've seen before rather than just always moving on to some new area. Feels satisfying to finally get to some high ledge you've been looking at, finally unlock a particular door you've been past a few times, etc. I appreciated the occasional "navigation arrow" BTW.

The other nice thing is that significant chunks of the monster count come in a few big horde fights, so the pacing has variety rather than being a lonnnng drip feed or constant hordes. And those big fights are staged out really well IMO -- good use of arena-like spaces, elevation, different monster types, etc. Lots of freedom to move and fight, but without it just turning into a "racetrack" where you run circles and take potshots while hoping for infighting.

The nail/shotgun ammo on skill 2 was really tight in a few places. Health too, although maybe I just did some dumb things there. Sometimes the ammo shortage was good because it encouraged grenade use. In a couple of places I had to reload multiple times to figure out the exact right way to run past some encounters in narrow halls to hopefully get to more ammo/health pickups beyond. Depending on my mood this might have been annoying, I dunno. It was fine this time; I just got into a zone of quickly reloading and trying something else. (Kind of reminded me of some play patterns solo-ing Halo games on Legendary... it's all about the reload/retry.)

Anyway: epic map. Loved the "ritual chamber"! I guess that was one of the "surprises", not sure what the other one was supposed to be but there are a few cool candidates. :-) 
The Sore 
Is it just me, or is The Sore just about impossible on Skill 2?

Even with encouragin infighting at every turn and scrimping every piece of ammo I can find, I'm nearly constantly out of ammo with Shamblers and Fiends and Scrags everywhere.

Unless I'm missing a big room filled with ammo and weapons, this map feels basically broken. I'm not the most skilled player in the world, but I can usually quicksave and reload my way through even the toughest maps. This one - no way. 
I see. The backpacks that appear at the portal at the start. I didn't even notice them and somehow didn't pick them up when I went through the portals after picking up the runes. 
entsoy's map is.. eh.. largely skippable: 
Stupid Thing 
somehow the last character got cut off that link
Mazu's map is a ringer 
Sent to Spirit for Quaddicted, including everyone's updates. Sorry for delay. 
Link To Updated Version 
What's Up With Textures Here? 
Looks just fine to me. 
Is The Ground Supposed To Look Like That? 
Flat colors without textures? 
That's how it's supposed to look. The pack has a 6 texture limit, and start map is following that restriction as well. I suspect some of the textures are just stretched so much that they look like solid color. 
...You mean THIS is a conscious design choice?

If it is, I'm stumped. Kinda clashes with the quality of mapping involved... 
It's a scaled up texture to get around limitations in texture choice, methinks. :) 
Eye Of The Beholder 
While it's a nasty and hacky approach, it's a legitimate move by the map artist. If you don't like this style, there are more than enough other projects out there for you to try. However, you'd be skipping some quite ingenious maps in this compilation. 
I Understand You're Not The Greatest At Understanding Written Text... 
...but I'm sure there are plenty of other great abilities for you to peruse. 
Errr... get outta here. 
You should just be your nick - I'm planning a whole mini-ep with solid colors - you'll hate it. Avoid it please. 
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