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Announcing Alkaline Jam 1 (& Devkit Released)
For those waiting to use the dev kit, now is your chance!

· ͏͏͏The ONLY constraint is that your map should be focused on the theme of Base.

· ͏͏͏3 cooperative starts
· ͏͏͏Exit to start map
· ͏͏͏Include map source
· ͏͏͏Any custom music MUST be open source, so streamers will have zero issue playing your map if they choose to do so.
I will be replacing the standard tracks with the Alternate Music Pack:

PROGS: Alkaline, of course! Dev kit is available here:
NAMING: alkjam_author
SUBMISSIONS: Message @Greenwood#9585 on Discord, or

BEGIN: July 2nd, 2021
DEADLINE: Noon, EST on Thursday, September 2nd, 2021
RELEASE: Friday, September 3rd, 2021

A very detailed "Alkaline Mapping Guide" (see docs.html) by bmFbr is included in the dev kit, as well an enemy test map, so you can test out things. The FGD is very descriptive also. This dev kit includes the latest gameplay balancing changes & fixes too!

Have fun! Alkaline's website:
I Completely Support This 
Will you use the resulting maps to expand Alkaline later on? Basically that's what happens in AD. The best maps released separately become part of it. 
There is a non-functional teleport in the Alkaline startup map. It's likely that it is intended to be a placeholder for a secondary start map to hold more maps beyond the main start, kind of like Arcane Dimensions has 2 start maps to hold all the later update maps. 
I See 
Was already wondering what that "broken" teleporter was supposed to do. DLC backdoor. :) 
RRP Has Too 
broken teleport. Seven years spent but no one dared to repair it. So, God bless Alkaline. 
I definitely intend on expanding/updating Alkaline in a similar fashion to AD. The crew & I already have some interesting new ideas.

The Alkaline Jam is going to have a different start map altogether though. With the ample time allowed, there should hopefully be some cool maps to play for Labor day weekend! :) 
...the Cyberscrag will be included in the Jam. If you want the
Cyberscrag to appear in your map, then simply set up situations in
your map with the regular scrag.
The Cyberscrag will replace the scrag.
They act/behave similarly and only differ in looks/sound. 
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