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Q1SP: Chthonic Deities (jpqm4)
Hi, here's my new Quake 1 SP map - "Chthonic Deities" (jpqm4.bsp).
Map is utilizing progs_dump mod devkit by dumptruck_ds.
Requires a source port that supports bsp2 format (increased limits) - quakespasm works best.

Map features:
- large subterranean medieval-style environment with knave texture set
- takes advantage of various progs_dump features and modifications
- full weapon set, 4 secrets, ~150 monsters (more on hard, less on easy)
- playtime around 30 min depending on difficulty level



This map/mod is really a great one.

I like the recurring zone announcements at approach, very convenient stuff. 
Really beautiful and fun map with great pacing.

I noticed that you can get stuck by the stairs close to the first quad, which wasn't so healthy when it happened during the fight: 
On point. Great build, atmosphere, and pathing as usual. :-) Knave is a good look for your constructions.

Like Ranger Jim says, the area names are a nice touch, and are a good way to provide a bit of not-too-hand-holdy navigation aid with messages.

The messages in general were pretty good, except for one that was like "look for a button to open this door" where yeah, there's not much else to do here but look for a button! Hmm I think there was also a "look for the gold key" message that would show if you touched a door rather than its control button (while holding the gold key). Other than that, nice balance with the messaging, helpful but not intrusive.

I really like the natural little bits of climbing or jumping spread around. Helps you feel like your making your own way through the place.

And the final fight was good too! Seems like a boring bullet sponge at first, then gets spiced up in a nice way without becoming crazy or grindy. I like a final fight that realizes I'm on my way out of the map :-) ... i.e. give me some fun but not any tedious work.

Yah anyway, super good. 5/5 keep em coming. 
You Maps Becomes Better With Every Release. 
AS for me it is Your best map. Keep it going on! 
Skill 1 First Play Demo

I like knave. The map was a bit too long for me. The first part stretched a bit. I felt a compulsion to destroy all the barrels and crates.
Nice visuals everywhere. Some cool ambushes.
End fight was a bit unfair between the Chthon and spawning shamblers etc.

On my quake map enjoyment scale: 6/10 
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