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Slip & Frag (v 1.0.7) For Oculus Quest Now Available!
It's been a while.

Slip & Frag 1.0.7, the sourceport of Quake for the Oculus Quest (and other platforms) is now available for everyone to play!

A few additional performance improvements in the renderer were implemented, which should make the game perform faster. Also, the one (and final) feature intended for the engine, an on-screen keyboard available when in the game console and the main menu, is now fully operational, accompanied by two new pointers tied to the VR headset's controllers, whose form should be recognizable by every fan of the game.

With this, Slip & Frag is now considered complete. The project is now in bug fixing / mod supporting mode, until further notice.

Download it here: . Use adb, SideQuest or your favorite side loading platform to upload the engine and its related data, and start playing it right away!

Expect news from Oculus App Lab soon regarding the engine. Stay tuned!
Sad News Update 
The Oculus App Lab submission seems to have hit a dead end. The app was rejected because it violated (apparently) some content guidelines; they were not clear on which ones. So, for now, please proceed to sideload the app to your device using your favorite sideloading method to play the game. 
Bit Happier News Update 
Slip & Frag has been updated now to version 1.0.8 .

A fix was applied in the way large maps are played, when the engine finds out it needs to upgrade the communication protocol - and failed doing so, which caused an unexpected early exit from the game.

Also, a few improvements in the way data is uploaded to GPU in the Oculus Quest version of the engine, making it use way less memory than before, and improving speed a bit on large mods / maps.

Download it here:

(The old link no longer works, due to both the old version being removed, and a name change in the repository which invalidated old links. Apologies for that.)

Play it, and let me know your findings! 
Ashamed News Update 
Oops. The link above is for the MacOS version.

Here is the correct one:

(Of course, if you do have a Mac, feel free to play that one as well :D ) 
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