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Gsh_jungle Mod
Hi every one!

Had this project the last months to create an jungel experience for Quake.
This mod includes:

one playeble map
two custom sounds for jungle ambient.
one toolbox_map with assets for creating jungle maps
one WAD_file with all used textures



Second map is in work!
Watch out the new video.
Title Could Have Been Better, 
but still being able to make this stuff for Jungle levels is a great accomplishment. Hopefully this is noticed more. 
This is really neat. I'd like to be able to do some jungle stuff when I can. 
More content is coming soon.
I'm also thinking about a "how to make a jungle map" video but this will take some time. 
FY: The Rocket Dude Is Buggy In QSS 
...however, he's okay in regular Quakespasm.

This is an interesting concept, but I see two issues: First, some foliage you can walk through & some you can't. It makes things a little confusing when progressing. Second, the foliage makes things rather difficult to see where enemies are located.

One really bad hiccup was if you lob more than a few rockets into the main building: you run the risk of the whole map crashing (which happened to me in one playthrough).

Again, this is quite interesting. It'll be neat to see how things progress once you iron some bugs out. I can imagine that this took a while! :) 
The foliage thing is that some of them work as border and some not. In this first map I had to experiment with those things. Now and especially for the next map it works like this. Big bushes and trees are solid. Small vegetation is illusionary.
When you can't see enemys threw bushes it's absolutly normal for natural environment and a challange to handle for both, map developer and player. Thanks for pointing that out! I will show that in the next video.

So the destruction still makes problems. Hmmm...
Ok. That's not that much work. The problem lies in the amount of processes that can be handled by Quake at once. I think the maximum amount is something between 7 and 9. So I have to increase the delay of some destructables so they don't interrupt each other. Thanks for noticing. I will fix this as soon as I got time. 
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