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Q1SP: Perish The Thoth
A new Egyptian single-player map by Greenwood & mukor.
I composed this from two "muk scraps."
I also converted it to good ol' vanilla, for more compatibility.

Enemy count: 108/146/164 (easy/normal/hard)


fun map! I did run from the last 15 or so enemies cause of my poor resource management. 
Nice Map! 
Pretty cool. I played it in a rush, but will replay again later. 
Played on Hard, and in a few places it did feel a bit harder than ID1.

This together with Markie's entry from recently released Q25 Limits Jam reminded me of Dwell1.

If this was composed from scraps then it was definitely worth doing so. Totally wouldn't mind more of such scraps combobulations. 
One Of My Favourite 
standalone releases of the year.... 
Hard-100% Playthrough Below!

A nice custom map with a classic style. Not too hard, but not too easy either. Just don't miss out the Grenade Launcher at the very beginning, like I first did for most of the map. =/

My main complaint is it's way too squary and linear but it's still a nice little map to play on. 
LIttle Fun Blast 
Long time since i played a singles player...

had great fun thx!

there it goes first run 
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