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Another 3 Maps Done!
Hello everyone, it's Ondrejoda again. I have managed to complete 3 other maps in less than a week I think? Anyways, the download and screenshot links are below and all feedback (especially demos!) is appreciated!

Download link:

Screenshot link:

Have fun and enjoy!

PS: Thank you Greenwood for your feedback on my first three maps! I very much appreciate it.
Stay Away From Flat Layouts 
Stick to varying the elevation & environment like you did with "flatmap" (which is ironically not flat) and "manydoors." The "claustrophobica" got really repetitive and wasn't anywhere as fun or visually interesting as the other two, since it was flat, maze-like, and uniformly textured.

I think now that you are getting proficient at churning out 2-5 minute speedmaps, you should consider making one solid 10-15 minute map with a little more polish. Anyway, keep experimenting and having fun! :) 
Another Tip... 
I would upload screenshots to Imugr, so people can have quick access to them via a link, instead of going them individually via Quaketastic. 
Thanks For The Response! 
Also, the reason why the third map is called "flatmap" is because there are no overlapping rooms, which basically makes it a "flat" Doom level. Anyways, I'll have a crack at making a bigger map very soon! 
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