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Q1SP: The Wizard Base
Hello everyone, Ondrejoda here! I just finished another map, which I tried to make a bit longer. Anyways, have fun!


Very cool and well made map!

I loved that huge cave. The rocks and the ground are very organic and natural.

One thing that got my attention was the number of enemies. When you start the level, it says the map has only 32 enemies, but there's 38 in total. It got me by surprise... Is this a hack that i'm not aware of?

I made a playthrough if you want to check it out: 
Yeah, he used info_notnull as an enemy spawner. That's what makes the kill count screwy. Also the way he set up the map makes it only work in Quakespasm Spiked. It crashes on typical engines, like Quakespasm.

Regardless, I already messaged Ondrejoda about this & he plans to not go this route in the future. Spawning in a few scrags the regular way would've made the map way more universal & honestly wouldn't take much more effort or time to do.

He's definitely improving though! 
Thank you. I didn't know that. 
Skill 1 First Play Demo

It was more like a speedmap but with some nice ideas. The room with ceiling spikes and endroom looked interesting. Both me and monsters got stuck on the geometry.

On my quake map enjoyment scale: 4/10 
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