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Q1SP Sm213 - Low Gravity
This is a Quake speed mapping pack made over a period of two days in August 2021. The challenge was to create a fun low gravity experience. Original thread here


Download Links: (latest version with some map fixes)
Fix For One Sm213 Map 
I forgot to include this fixed version of allcap's map. It's not 100% necessary, but it does fix a secret, a potential soft lock and tweaks to lighting. 
I've updated the pack there. The Quaddicted link is now the older version since we cannot replace files here. Use the link please 
I updated the OP with notes about which link points to the latest version and which one doesn't. If you like I can remove the Quaketastic link entirely. 
(Almost) Hard-100% Playthrough Below!

I'll make some quick reviews:

- Who let the fiends out? : Okay, this map has one secret that I can't find at all. I know there's a secret message (with a super easy trick to go straight to the ending), but that's not a secret.

Oh, and I noticed there was an easy way to NOT teleport if you fall down... And softlock yourself (same for the fiends that jump far away). Otherwise, a quite nice looking map. Loved it.

- We all float down here : I liked the design of the may, but I've noticed that the elevators mid-level followed by the slope jump right after it are really painful to make... I died countless times because Ranger wasn't able to move to the ledge.

- Floating Waste Processing : WOW, WHAT A MAP! Not only it's huge, but it was really fun to play (even if, due to gravity ((?)) many lifts made me lose armor/life). Killing those zombies far away was probably the highlight of the map. I missed one secret though.

- Somnus : very simple map, I enjoyed it.

- The Bouncy Place : Okay, the beginning of the map heavily puzzled me. Did I have to make a rocket jump using a vore to progress? I seriously didn't understand the proper way to do it, so I had to get creative. Otherwise a map full of deadly battles due to the small size of the map.

- Untitled : mixing water with low-gravity was really creative. Also, using only the LG scared me in a lot of places during my very first playthrough (killed myself accidentally right after the silver door hehe!). Definitely one of my favorites.

- Pyramid Scheme : That was a nightmare to find the very first secret. Also to jump properly without falling. Despite its simplistic looks, it was one of the hardest maps I've ever played.

- Suilebis : That was a nice little slaughter map (if I can say it that way). The final battle with shamblers was a nice reward after all the pain you had slightly earlier :P

- It's time to leave my prison! : I don't know why, but jumping maps suited the theme well. It's extremely small and short, but it was enjoyable while it lasted.

- Eternal Fall: a map that took me a long time to complete it due to the chaotic beginning and ending. I wasn't able to find many secrets (although I missed 2 on purpose, and missed a few monsters because I lacked some RL ammo at the very end. Oh well. At least I was able to free my frustration there :P 
@ Ch0wW 
Yes, you use the vores to jump out. That's why the pentagram is there. 
Thank you. Yes, it would help if the Quaketastic link was nuked when you have a second. 
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