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Quake Re-release!!!
Id/Bethesda just announced a new release of Quake with a bunch of enhancements.


More info:
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Threewave CTF Added To Re-release! 
Sweet! I'll be playing the blue and red shit out of this.

Release Notes

Threewave CTF was first released in October of 1996 by Zoid Kirsch. The mod back then was simple, and remixed existing game content to create something new. Matches took place on the single player levels modified to create bases. Keys were used in place of flags, and the grappling hook was an axe that fired a Vore ball. While a little bit of imagination was required, this didn’t hurt the mod’s reception at all. It caught on fire immediately and built a large fanbase of players looking for a deeper alternative to deathmatch. 
And Rubicon 2!!! 
I wasn't aware Rubicon 2 had been added to the Re-Release today as well. That's amazing. Congrats to metlslime and czg!

Read an interview about it here 
I knew this was happening but didn't realize it was today! 
Community Mod Server For Re-release 
New video on this project:

Notes from YT:

Find out how to access a growing collection of singleplayer mods for the official rerelease of Quake also known as Quake Enhanced or KEX Quake. Once you make a small change to your launch configuration of Quake, this collection will appear in the Add-ons menu.

Website with complete instructions:

Here's the text to paste in "Launch Options" on Steam and Epic Games:
+ui_addonsBaseURL ""

Add-On Server Discord 
Beyond Belief Added To The Re-release! 
Beyond Belief has now been added as an official add-on for the Quake re-release. Looks like Matthias has updated the maps for this release.


Interview with Matthias Worch 
The interview with Matthias is such a fun read. Think about tweaking texture alignment in a text editor!

If anyone is curious about the editor Quest he mentions take a look at this video from last year: 
who made the 25th anniv. DotM episode pls? solely J.F. Gustafsson's work (the DoPa creator)? 
Dimension of the Machine was made by several people from MachineGames:

Christian Grawert
Andrew Yoder
Tom Fritzson
Kevin Dunlop
Oscar Göthberg
Kristoffer Kindh
Erik Hörnström
Anton Eriksson
Iuliu-Cosmin Oniscu
Abigail Cox
Dennis Karlsson
Sabina Sveica
Pierre Willbo
Jens Matthies
Jerk Gustafsson 
got some FPS drops w/ Enhanced engine, which older engine can run the DotM episode5 platforms correctly pls? tried copying MG1 directory from Enhanced Quake to a directory of my Quake game with some older egine and running it like this

quakespasm-spiked-win64 -game mg1 +r_farclip 100000 +sv_protocol 999 +sv_aim 1 +scr_conscale 2 +gl_flashblend 1 +scr_crosshairscale 2 +scr_menuscale 2 +scr_sbarscale 2 +scr_conwidth 1920 +sv_aim 1 +r_maxsurfs 4000 +r_maxedges 16000 +skill 1

to play new DotM maps. the 1st four miniepisodes and boss fight work, some broken platforms in episode 5 tho (had to use noclip cheat in mge5m1+mge5m2 maps) 
Why So Many Wariables? 
Most of them should put to autoexec.
not needed, use default
sv_protocol 999 QSS used by default,
scr_conwidth 1920 - why so much? - try default
gl_flashblend 1 - try 0 {not affected to performance on my machine}
What is in Your autoexec? Your hardware specs? 
a ryzen and GTX980 Ti. how about DotM jam any time soon pls? the new textures are awesome 
Good Idea 
No one needs permission to call a jam at least not here. 
ok, so is there somebody here able to extract the textures from the MG1/pak0.pak file pls? I assume TrenchBroom can do DoMa-style rotating brushes/cogs/fans? 
There has been a jam using textures from the remaster. sm_217. 
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