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Q1SP: Cimmerian Night
This is my second release. A mini-episode consisting of 3 maps that hit mostly vanilla beats.

I originally started this in February of 2019, but repeatedly stopped and came back to it numerous times. With some free time I was finally able to finish it! I'm sure there's much to improve on, but I'm happy with the final result. Let me know what you think.

This episode also feature's a custom soundtrack by the talented David Barnatt! Check out his stuff here:


Interesting Levels. Excellent Music. 
I thought this was great. I had a lot of fast paced fire fights. Good mix of tight and open areas. Definitely got fooled by surprise spawns. 
This was a lot of fun. Very id-like, great battles, played through in Nightmare and didn't die once, but the sudden spawns got me low on health a couple of times.

My only minor critique would be how the fiends get stuck trying to jump up some of the wooden stairs on the third map, which makes them really easy to deal with. If the player couldn't snipe them through the stairs or backtrack there when they attack it would make it more challenging.

The soundtrack is awesome, btw. 
Yeah, always appreciate custom music & it's a good match here. Kind of on the upbeat/go-get-em side of things but still ominous and not too intrusive.

I didn't click with the first map much, it was fine, but pretty boxy and it feels like it railroads the player along.

Second map really turned that around! Some nice use of more complicated shapes and paths. Even almost (but not quite) a few too many paths opening up at once, in some spots; works out fine for a small map though.

You never know of course, but I would bet that these maps were made in sequence? The second map really looks like "lessons learned" compared to the first. It was a lot of fun. Actually it's a good choice to package this as a three-map sequence, because having a relatively simple intro map is not a bad thing.

I'm most of the way through the third one. Obviously a really strong homage to the Palace of Hate here, which you acknowledge in the readme -- but was super obvious before I went back and checked the readme, to the point where I would guessssss that you literally copied some bits from that map source? If not, good re-creation. :-) I do like a good homage or remix, but I'm really interested to see if you take it somewhere unique at the end.

I'll get back to it this weekend. :-) 
@Joel B 
You would be right about the build order of the maps. The first map was probably completed in March 2019, the second in January 2021, and the final map in August 2021. There definitely were some lessons learned and things that I improved on during the entire process.

As for the third map, a very small amount of specific brushes were copied from Palace for effect. But overall, I would say 99% of what is here has been newly created by me.

And glad to hear that everyone is liking the music. 
Now That's What I Call Level Design 
Very good combat flow, finished all three maps in one sit, had to restart from beginning a couple of times just because forgot to save due to how excited and immersed I was in shooting! 
Loads Of Fun 
I've played through these maps a couple of times and I've had a blast.

The first map gave me Malice vibes at points and that was nice to see. Malice is great fun.

The 3rd map is really good and feels a lot more developed than 1 and 2. For me, it really added to the sense of going on a journey.

All in all, great stuff. I can't wait to see what you cook up next. :) 
Skill 1 First Play Demo

cn3 was such a great experience. The fierce and dynamic combat. Excellent music. The Palace of Hate vibes were such strong.Amazing.

On my quake map enjoyment scale:
cn1 5/10
cn2 7/10
cn3 10/10 
sorry cn1 3/10 
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