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SMEJ Jam Released!
SMEJ Jam is out!

The goal of this jam was to make SMEJ inspired maps using the new monsters from SMEJ2. (Rottmauler, Centurion, Devastator, Spectre and Nuljaska (boss of SMEJ2, now a normal monster).

10 SMEJ inspired maps by: Fix, MargSabl, Mazu, Myki, NewHouse, omni, Pinchy, riktoi, VuRkka, wiedo, zigi


A Fine Smejin' 
Don't like the stuff when after level completion you get returned in the very beginning of the hub map, and not before actual levels' gates. Doing all jumps through the hoops to get nightmare skill unlocked every time gets old real quick. 
incredible map pack. i still can't believe how good quake can be. my hands are hurting from hcm's map - absurd. i'm not spoiling anything by saying the last section was way too hard for me. good work y'all 
It Is Become A Trend To Make Hard Maps. 
It is always was a stunt of SMEJ/2. Although SMEJ Jam is still far from SMEJ campains, but it contains few incredible maps. Even start map which usually bypass is great!(I'm still not get nightmare blue key ;) Masu... What else to expect from You? I've been for a long time apprehensively start Your maps. I'm afraid them! ;) 
Just Finished All Maps At Nightmare Skill Level 
smejjam_wiedo - Cool and short, final fight at the obelisk rooftop is hard if you don't telefrag the shambler.

smejjam_fix - another tiny and comfy map, like that it ends just where it begins.

smejjam_omni - makkon textures! Good exploration and nice theme! Fun has been had.

smejjam_margsabl - A bite-sized smej2m1! Fun and fast, expecially when you manage the rocket jump across the sludge with quad.

smejjam_myki - didn't recall what it was about, yet it was fun for one playthrough...

smejjam_riktoi - now here we got to the real shit. Good textures and overall theme, good exploration, I like that most fights can be skipped easily through clever platforming and rocket jumps. Final 'onslaught' was brutal, yet I don't regret that started it at all.

smejjam_newhouse - rehashed w1m2 with new enemies, still good yet gets somewhat old.

smejjam_pinchy - I feel like this is more inventive rehash of smej2m3 theme, but with more satisfying combat and easier exploration.

smejjam_hcm - This is how smejjam should end. No. This is how SMEJ2 should've ended. Mazu's maps create the feel of epic encounter after completion, after which all other maps get pale, so they always must stand in the episode's end. Nice usage of quads and powerups, like the carefully crafted 'where the fuck should I go next' feeling no matter where you actually went. I finished it with about 500kills out of 860 and 14 secrets using heavy skips through quadrocketjumping. Yeah it overwhelms you, but in the end you like it. 
I'll take Mazu's epic maps over Smilecythe's "muscle memory exercises" ANY day. 
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