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Q2M - Quake 2 Weapons For Quake V1.1 Is Released!
This here is a mod that adds Quake 2 weapons and player models to Quake.

It's got a startup select screen to toggle between Q1 and Q2 marines that pops up at the beginning of each new game session and includes all weapons from Q2, including the Railgun and BFG.

The newest update also adds support for coop and deathmatch play along with lots of other exciting stuff.

Download here:

Hope you like. All comments welcome!
Hotfix: V1.1b 
Mouse-wheel weapon cycling would cause the game to crash with a runaway loop error. I was able to fix that but the functionality is still broken so it's been disabled for now.

New download here: 
Final Hotfix: V1.1c 
Another update. Mouse-wheel cycling has been fixed.

DL here: 
I don't usually go in for things like this, but it's surprisingly fun and well implemented. I've played the first few levels normally, and I've done a bit of Impulse 9 to play with the big guns. Have you put them all in the later levels? I'm particularly interested in rail gunning on Ziggurat Vertigo.

My only criticism so far would be that I think you should start with the single barrel shotgun or the machine gun, as the peashooter gets a bit repetitive early on in the base levels. 
Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like it :)

The railgun and bfg will appear in place of the thunderbolt depending on whether or not you already got the hyperblaster. It used to be that I'd convert a random cellpack to a hblaster, rgun or bfg as well, but I think I removed it for some reason. Maybe I'll put it back in.

Yeah the starting weapon. I agree with you on that. Think I might give the classes one different startup weapon each so they get some extra variety, like a shotgun for the dude, machinegun for the girl and nothing for the cyborg maybe? 
Very Cool, But 
–°an you, make a version of machinegun, without recoil? I know canon is canon, but it would be cool to have a version for those who find recoil irritating. 
So If You Could Use QII Weapons... 
Could we somehow get the QII Strogg as well? Just a quick question. 
Another Question. 
I use your mod in trenchbroom and seed, what super shotgun and shotgun have same model. How are you called the super shotgun in your code? And i dont know how you called bfg. Can you please, send me weapons names list? 
At Work But.. 
.. gonna type a proper answer in a bit.

About the weapons, they're named the same as the regular ones. The mod will convert sshotguns to regular shotguns if you don't have one already, and the thunderbolt gets converted to a hyperblaster, railgun or bfg depending on what you have equipped.

I have a few changes in the works, will post more later. 
Weapon Names 
Alright. To place the Q2 versions of the shotguns into a map try using these names:

netname == "Shotgun"
items = IT_SHOTGUN
model = "progs/g_shotg.mdl"

netname = "Super Shotgun"
model = "progs/g_shotg2.mdl"

You could put a "Double-barreled Shotgun" in your map as well, but it'll get converted to a regular Q2 shotgun automatically if the player doesn't already have one.

Nailguns, grenade launchers and rocket launchers can be put into the map as-is. The mod will automatically convert them on starting the level.

The thunderbolt gets converted to one of three weapons, Hyperblaster, Railgun, or BFG depending on what the player already has. If you don't want that to happen you should be able to use these names/models instead:

netname = "Hyperblaster"
model = "progs/g_hyperb.mdl"

netname = "Railgun"
items = 0
items2 = IT_RAILGUN
model = "progs/g_rail.mdl"

netname = "BFG 10k"
items = 0
items2 = IT_BFG
model = "progs/g_bfg.mdl"

You might have noticed that I use 'items2' instead of 'items' for the Railgun and BFG. That's because I ran out of bitflags and couldn't store them with the rest of the weapons. It's probably not necessary to use this field for the pickups themselves tho, I just did it that way because I was still figuring out how things work at the time.

There's a good chance I'll break something if I change it, so that might not happen for a few more days. 
New Progs.dat 
Okay, I've made a few changes.

You can check out the new progs.dat here (I'll include these changes in a proper update sometime soon):

.. and here's an experimental version with less recoil, but nerfed damage for the machinegun:

I *might* change the recoil to be something in-between this and the old one. Just don't wanna turn it into a "chaingun, only better". Let me know what you all think.

I like the idea of different loadouts for different marines so now the male marine starts out with a shotgun + 25 shells, the female marine with a machinegun + 50 bullets, and the cyborg with a yellow armor.

In other events, I've been messing around a bit and realized you actually have a good deal of control over item placements in levels using QuakeC alone. I've just put the railgun along with a couple of cellpacks into ziggurat vertigo, and I think I'll look into replacing items with the railgun and bfg pickups in other maps as well.

It's been a while since I played through the main game tho. Anyone have ideas on good levels to do this for in episode 2, 3 and 4?

Oh. And items2 isn't being used anymore so you should be able to place railguns and bfgs into any maps you make no problem now. 
Many Words 
Well. Recoil is more accurate now. But here the conflict is noticeable. Recoil for some people (me, for example) is sometimes irritable, but weak recoil does not convey the spirit of kuake 2. Maybe the disobedience of the machinegun can be realized in different ways at the same time? Save recoil, for fans of quake 2, and for an alternative progs.dat remove recoil, but introduce a spread of bullets, as in Copper mod.
I see different characters have different weapons now. It's cool, but I think one of the characters should be "empty". Without a pre-donated weapon, in order to play the levels, where the level designer, he himself decided what things to give the player.
In fact, it's cool that the player's starting position has a clear view, without the attacks of monsters. You can make levels, with a difficult start, but a fair challenge, since the player has the opportunity to decide what to do.
I predict that for this mod they will make jams, as in Alkaline 
Personally I love recoil on the MG as it forces the player to use the weapon differently to how they use any others. But you can't please everyone all the time, so I would advise you just set it how you like it.

Do you have any plans to add hand-grenades or the expansion weapons in future? 
Hey, thanks for the input. I appreciate it!

I played around with the recoil and spread some. Found out that yeah, it's a bit wild in my version compared to actual Q2. At the same time, I feel the spread doesn't really make the MG feel more unwieldy, just more random. So the climb got toned down somewhat and I added just a little bit of extra spread.

- In fact, it's cool that the player's starting position has a clear view, without the attacks of monsters. You can make levels, with a difficult start, but a fair challenge, since the player has the opportunity to decide what to do.

Cool, never thought of that. A neat side-effect in SP for sure. I was mainly worried about how it would affect deathmatch, with players camping out in limbo to ambush passers-by and stuff.

- Do you have any plans to add hand-grenades or the expansion weapons in future?

Hand grenades for sure. Expansion weapons probably not.

- Could we somehow get the QII Strogg as well? Just a quick question.

Love the strogg but if I do it it's gonna be for a separate mod probably. And not in the near future.

In other news, update v1.12 is coming very soon. 
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