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Q1compile - V0.7 Release - A Quake Map Compiler GUI
I released a new version of my map compiler GUI.


This app helps you compile your Quake maps in a more user-friendlier way, you need to set up a few paths and options and there you go. It can also optionally watch your map for changes and auto-compile only what is actually needed (e.g. run light only when lights changed, or run -onlyents if only point entities changed).

Here's what's new in v0.7:

* Open multiple config tabs.
* Customize compilation steps order and add custom commands with variables.
* Option to auto-save when closing configs or exiting the app.
* Save selected compiler options as a new preset.
* Utility links to mapping tutorials, downloading tools and editor.
* Reorganized UI more logically.
* Bugfix: regarding recent configs history.
* Bugfix: watch map file sometimes failed to detect changes.

You can report any bugs or request features though Github, since I don't check func_msgboard too often:

I tried compiling a few simple maps with it, and a couple of complex ones as well. Works great here! Thanks for sharing! 
Gresat Job! 
Thanks for that compiler.
It works great! 
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