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Q2M - Quake 2 Weapons For Quake V1.12 Update Released!
This is a mod that adds Quake 2 weapons and player models to Quake.

It's got a startup select screen to toggle between Q1 and Q2 marines that pops up at the beginning of each new game session and contains all weapons from Q2, including the Railgun and BFG.

V1.12 fixes the last few known bugs, adds a couple tweaks and improvements, and makes the mod more mapper-friendly.

Download with full list of changes here. Have fun!
I really respect your mod, buddy. Now, I play all the old, not so powerful levels, for quake, your mod, gives a chance to look at them, in a new way, to get acquainted with them. But I noticed that you removed the shotgun and left the machine gun for all the characters. Maybe you can make all the characters different weapons? 2-shotgun. 3- machingan, 4- lightchting gan (which is converted into rail gan, which works through and through, as in the first quake). And 3 versions of the one character. 1With armor 2With weapon 3empty. For a more radical difference, you can change the speed of the characters. 2-normal speed. 3-fast speed, but little health. 4-much health, but low speed. 
But sad what mod havent got delay when weapon are changing. 
Nice Mod 
Some missing sound files (linux) though

Couldn't load sound/weapons/axhit1.wav
Couldn't load sound/weapons/axhit2.wav
Couldn't load sound/player/splat1.wav
Couldn't load sound/items/pack.wav
Couldn't load sound/items/patch.wav
Couldn't load sound/misc/w_under.wav
Couldn't load sound/misc/w_under2.wav
Couldn't load sound/doors/locked4.wav
Couldn't load sound/blob/idle.wav 
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