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Oblivion Source
Does anyone have any idea where the source for "Oblivion" (Q2) could be found?

Asking since I tried playing it in Yamagi. It ran just fine until the Harvester map, quite late in the campaign. Then it kept crashing with that famous "index overflow" error. The guys over at Yamagi's Github could kinda fix it, but they would have to make a new DLL for the mod, too.
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I Think There Was A Patch That Fixed That 
Aguirre had a patch for oblivion. A long time ago to fix some of the biggest problems, I think that was one of them 
It only fixed the crashing problems, but stuff not showing up due to the index overflow error was not fixable. A new DLL is still the best solution. 
Ah Ok 
I believe Argh had the source and was also working on a patch many years ago. Not sure if he still visits this board though. 
Argh's original solution was to cut the big level into 2, so I guess the map sources are needed? 
There Is A Way 
To make harvester1.bsp playable without a new dll. I tried deleting like half of the monsters from the map via an .ent file and it doesn't crash any more when blowing up the barrels above the prisoner room or engaging too many enemies.

Still, a new dll could fix this without altering the map that drastically, maybe. 
i found out that "The Index overflow problem is due to images, models, and/or sounds overflowing the limits of their respective indexes. The limit for each of these indexes is 256. Therefore, you cannot have more than 256 unique images, 256 unique models, or 256 unique sounds in a single map."

and there are a lot of people talking about Q2 custom maps with this "Index overflow" error showing up only with Yamagi, but not with the old/original Q2 engine.

Maybe would be better fix the Yamagi engine, not the custom maps :P 
Thing Is Only 
This already crashed in Q2 3.20, there are Youtube videos showing it happen. Yamagi doesn't aim for raising vanilla limits and they don't want to change that.

Unofficial Q2 v3.24 or KMQuake2 crash as well. The latter doesn't even run the custom game code. I wonder if there's actually any port that works with this. 
Aguirre's engine works, but like I said, the "stuff not showing up" is not fixable. 
You would have to overhaul the game more directly, I think. If I may ask, what doesn't show up in Oblivion? 
Anything that Oblivion adds, i.e. new weapons, enemies, items, sounds... KMQ2 seems to ignore the custom gamex86.dll completely.

Anyway, I got it fully working in Yamagi now. Solution: Maphacks (.ent files). 
So you just deleted a bunch of enemies? 
That would be one way of solving the issue. Though it might be better to try and locate the worst offenders of the adds and remove them until the error stops.

If that was done, then I take this back. 
I had to delete quite a few enemies, basically any without any target or other relevant flag on them. It's about 2/3 less now.

On top I removed three explosive barrels and about 50 sound sources. It's seems like a lot, but ingame you won't actually notice (besides the enemies, ofc).

These measures were necessary to guarantee a crash-free experience under any circumstances, also including spawns that might happen later on (e.g. a spawning health when discovering a secret, which also led to a crash before). 
Unrelated, But… 
The end of Oblivion seemed to be going in a Zerstorer-esque direction. Any idea what the team had planned for the final level / boss? 
I was on that team, and I remember that the people who would have been making the boss were pretty burnt out on the project at that point. I don't remember any specific plans they had for the boss. 
As it was a giant undertaking. Thanks though. 
It's Still Amazing 
How big this mod is. It takes quite a bit of time to finish it and map quality is quite decent. Sure, some additional polishing here or there wouldn't have hurt, but I guess it needed to be finished in time to make it on that X-Mas issue of PC Gamer. Even without that last map, it's a remarkable journey. 
Can you share the files? I want to try it in Aguirre's engine. 
Not Ready Yet 
Will need some more tweaking. 
D/L Link For Mapfixes 
I think it should work well enough.

Oblivion mapfixes (120 KB)

Instructions are included in zipfile. 
Thank NightFright 
Bumping This Thread For Raekman 
thanks for posting this too john, not only there, everyone.

Knightmare at Quake 2 Cafe forums(Kmquake 2 forums) offered a solution if its possible 
Clearing A Couple Things Up 
This thread got linked on the Q2 Cafe, so I'll toss in here.

NightFright: "Unofficial Q2 v3.24 or KMQuake2 crash as well."

v3.24 handles "index: overflow" as a warning, not an error. It should allow the game to continue in a bugged state, showing what overflowed. It shouldn't crash. Same with KMQ2, as it is almost completely immune from that. KMQ2 ups the limit on models and sounds to 8K each. If you can replicate this crash, I'd like to see it, as I'm still working on KMQ2 (and will later do new version of the unofficial Q2 patch).

NightFright: "Anything that Oblivion adds, i.e. new weapons, enemies, items, sounds... KMQ2 seems to ignore the custom gamex86.dll completely."

KMQ2 doesn't load gamex86.dll's. It loads its own kmq2gamex86/x64.dll. Mods have to be ported to KMQ2 to run (a side effect of increasing engine limits). Also, don't try renaming a gamex86.dll, it won't work.

The absolute best way to fix the problem is to get Oblivion ported to KMQ2, where "index: overflow" is not a problem. This requires the mod's source code. Unless one of the devs finds and releases said source, this will probably require reverse engineering the Linux included with Oblivion. This .so includes debug info, such as function and variable names. Someone who's really good with assembly code will need to decompile it with a tool like Ida or Ghidra and reconstruct the source from the annotated assembly code produced by the decompiler.

metlslime: "I believe Argh had the source and was also working on a patch many years ago. Not sure if he still visits this board though."

Argh disappeared in '05 or '06 (back when he was working on ArghRad 3.0 that was never finalized) and hasn't been heard from since. Odds are he's deceased or in prison. Unless you can identify him from his email address and track down his family/estate (not easy, as there are tons of Tim Wrights out there), and then ask nicely for any Q2-related files on any computers/storage that remain, you won't be getting anything from him. 
Since i lost my login, its good to see knightmare here to solve all of this.

Decompiling the linux debug file may be the best way to rebuild the sourcecode.

i really want to see all mission packs working on all source ports. 
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