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Halloween Jam 4 Is Out!
The Fourth Quake Halloween Jam is here!

With 8 maps by mappers Artistical, Chris Holden, Greenwood, Grue, Omni, Pinchy, PQP, Riktoi and a start map by yours truly!



Happy Halloween!
Maps so horrifying, anyone who tried to take a screenshot was driven mad! 
Okay I Found A Picture On Discord 
Added to the OP 
Here's Riktoi's Missing Skybox... 
You only need to grab the TGA files out of this download that he made; however, it also includes all of the files for his map as well: 
Direct Zip Link For Quaddicted Please! 
Beautiful Jam 
I had a lot of fun with this jam, even though some maps got on my last nerve. I am not a professional player...

I liked the map of Greenwood best. But all the other maps were also on a very high level. Unfortunately, I didn't notice until too late that the weapons were taken over after running through a map.

I recorded all the runs as a blind play and you can watch it all via the playlist in the link below.

Many thanks to all the authors for the beautiful maps and the playtime... 
Tower Of Terror 
At the end of the map I defeat the monsters, then I grab the tome and nothing happens. The final door (I guess it's the final door) doesn't open. There are a few knights in the statue form remaining. What can I do? 
Tower Of Terror 
You just have to activate the book in the middle of the map. After that the enemies become active. Only after you have killed all the enemies in the small arena will the final gate open!

Watch the video in my playlist. The link is above. 
How exactly do I "activate" it? I jumped on that pillar in the middle of the lava pool and I took the book, it's not there anymore. What else do I need to do? 
Book And Trigger 
When you have taken the book, the rest of the stone knights will awaken. The gate will only open when you have killed all the enemies. There is no other way. 
I've taken the book, but the knights are still in the stone form.

I've taken a screenshot, you can clearly see the book is not there anymore and a knight is also visible in his stone form.

I've played in easy mode, could it be a bug in this mode? :( 
I always play in Normal mode. That can be, of course. Just try playing in Normal mode. Which Quake port do you use to play? I had the problem in Easy mode last time with a custom map for Heretic! 
I'm using quakespasm. Sure, I can try again in normal mode, but I'd rather play another map, this one is basically finished, most secrets found, etc. A bit frustrating that I cannot finish it, but it is what is is :( 
I have problems with the current version. I use this version. Download it once. And don't give up so quickly.

Quakespasm Spiked (aka QSS) - [Version 0.93.1 - win64] 
omni's map is something else.

Detailed, original, small. Solid layout & scaling, fair difficulty and most importantly it's FUN. Map of the year.

Give me more of this over fuck huge just-throw-hoards-at-the-player-like-its-doom.bsp any day 
The Jam Was Great... 
I agree with you completely, I want to be entertained normally and not slaughter several hundred opponents over hours. Above all, it should remain fair in order to excite the player. But that's my opinion. The main thing is no slughter Level... 
Surprisingly Good Maps You Got Here! 
Most of the maps let you carry weapons back to the start and next map, very good and convenient feature, love that. This is based no matter how cringe readme file is.

School of nothing (hwjam4_riktoi) Hehe, Doki Doki vibes here I see. Somewhat simplistic, but I'm satisfied. Maybe there should be more enemies in a map of such size.

Greeting from Swamptown! (hwjam4_pqp) Louisiana boots meet Missisipi Ranger. Good verticality and layering, that's some strong spiderweb you got in yer swamptown! Feels somewhat unfinished though.

Mansion of Chads (hwjam4_pinchy) Good vania approach to progression, liked the combat for good amount of CHAD knights delivered for such promising map name.

Entombed (hwjam4_omni) Good exploratory level, reminded me about Deus Ex french catacombs. What you do when have no ammo, and last remaining stone death knight just sits on the pillar and sends you fireballs? You do a ramp jump from the stairs and cut his throat with axe mid-flight, of course!

Tower of Terror (hwjam4_grue) Probably best vania approach in the jam, good amount of exploration as well as combat. I like how player can get the megahealth from bonfire, then jump down to the tome, grab rocket launcher, jump to quad and immidiately rocketjump to the barrel arena's top, then just kill all vores/scrags with quadrockets and them jump down in the opening doors, skipping like 80% of enemies.

Cathedral of Calamity (hwjam4_greenwood) Big convenient arenas with lots of enemies and weapons and this GORGEOUS skybox! I like how you can just skip shamblers fight if open doors and quickly retread, making gargoyles cast fireballs right in shambler faces. Forgot to mention this marvelous paintings! Also can you make swinging axes traps breakable so players could shoot their bearings and make them fall down and be able to execute scragmother with timed shot and combination of luck/strategy?

Crypt of the Outsider (hwjam4_chrisholden) More detailed and less long version of Omni's idea. Somehow I stuck in invisible wall facing opened exit doors after clearing all zombies and having got all 1 secrets...

Halls O' Win 2: Sidesteppin' (hwjam4_artistical) At last Artistical made actually beautiful AND fun to play level! Like the brutalist cubed level architecture and bridges(oh hi there Ace of Spades Hallway maps), like the nonlinear approach and satisfying end, probably should've made end slipgate much lover, so ranger could jump into sunset ocean skybox at the end. I feel like some clever players can softlock themselves if detour from intended progression at wrong time, but it's okay, I probably shouldn't fuck around here with my rocket launcher and 60 rockets from greenwood's map anyway so it's more of mine fault here. 
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