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Q1SP: Train Station
I stumbled by accident on this while browsing Youtube ( ). Released in 2019, made by Fimbul K.

Quaketastic Download:
From the video looks like there are a lot of interesting environmental details reminiscent of quake2, such as broken doors and elevators. Nice to see people using oblivion textures! 
Nice small and beautiful map. 5 stars. 
good find, nice little map, I like these textures 
Yeah, that's really good looking. Waiting for it to be loaded in Quake Injector to play (yes, I'm that lazy). 
Nice Map! 
Very enjoyable map with some nice details and I mastered all the Secrets too. It's funny that this map took so long to be released.

I recorded the run as a blind play and you can watch the whole video via the link below. 
it was released in 2019, but only now i found it in my hardrive and played (i'm the one who posted that video).

I don't remember where i got it. I searched on google and didn't find it anywhere, so i uploaded it to quaketastic so now more people can play it. 
Yes, that's good to hear that you have hidden corpses lying around on your hard drives. But thanks again for that... 
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