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New Q1SP Mod/mappack: Violent Rumble
Created by anons on 4chan's retro videogame board, Violent Rumble combines the enemies and weapons of Quake's two official mission packs with the customization options of Progs Dump 2. Monsters from Quoth and other mods were added along the way, in addition to some unique additions such as the laser rifle/plasma railgun and Ramblers. Ten maps were made for the original release, along with ten modifiers to spice up gameplay.

Quakespasm Spiked is the recommended source port due to CSQC usage.
Coffee Achiever's maps are awesome. Recreational Astrocide is absolutely perfect. 
Looks Nice 
I like the Banjo Kazooie referenced map as well.

Time to reinstall some stuff... 
Don't miss out on that pack, it's really great! 
I tried it out. The Banjo-Kazooie map is a lot of fun. Even on on skill 2, it's hard as nails but even crazier. It's chaotic fun. The music adds a lot to that experience, strafe jumping around a big open space. 
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